Sunday, November 18, 2007

Our Thanksgiving Trip

We are enjoying the preparation for the holidays. This is one of my favorite times of the year because the mid - Nov time is almost the end of the year. That means a lot of time off and Thanksgiving and Christmas. I look forward to getting ready for the new year by planning and reflection. Usually this is the time of the year I think about finishing goals and setting new ones. Plus everyone seems to be in a holiday spirit and more congenial than usual.

A lot is going on with us and the kids so this year will be a little different for us. Our eldest returned from Korea for a few days. He is teaching ESL and traveling. Our youngest is in graduate school pursuing her passion - interior design. To have everyone together for a few days is a blessing. We will all be heading to Tennessee in a few days to see relatives for Thanksgiving. We are all looking forward to it.

Before we head out to Knoxville, we are going to be in Virginia Beach for a few days. While there we intend to test drive a Holiday Rambler and a Damon Tuscany. Both are 38' diesels. Right now I think the Holiday Rambler is the more likely one we will buy. So we are planning our trip to VA Beach to play some golf and take some time off and also to learn more about RVs.

Our data gathering continues. While in the area, we intend to visit Dodds RV and test drive both models. We will also be visiting some RV campgrounds in the area. We hope to talk to some people who are into RV ing full time. We have had a few conversations with RVers and they are always educational.

After VA Beach, we will head to Knoxville TN and see relatives. While there, we will also put together a couple of visits to local RV dealers to look at their inventories and see what else we can learn. Hopefully, the kids will be able to be with us so we can answer their questions and also see what they think of their folks 'hitting the road full time' in a few years.


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