Monday, May 19, 2014

I Never Knew Buddy Holly...

But I recently watched the movie and got reacquainted with who he was.
He reminded me of a younger Ricky Nelson whom I was somewhat familiar with since I saw Ozzie and Harriet.  And when we were in Lubbock went went over to the Buddy Holly Center.
It was pretty easy to find and it was late in the day, so there were not many people there.  In fact, the girl at the counter told us, since it was 4:30 PM, the museum was still open, but they were not allowed to charge the entrance fee of $5.00.  That was OK with us.

The first thing we noted was that there were no pictures allowed in the museum.
If you go to the web site, you can see some of the artifacts on display.  It was really interesting and quite amazing how a young man of 22, from West Texas made such an impact on Rock and Roll music.  You all probably know he died in a 1959 plane crash in Iowa.

It was a great museum off the beaten path that was very well done and worth the effort to see.

But the real reason we were in Lubbock was to meet up with our friends from Virginia, Jojit and Kimberly and their two boys.  They were at our 'Open House' in Fairfax that we had before we launched out on this adventure.  They were the same but the boys had sure grown!

The first thing Pam and I were able to do was to play golf with at the Texas Tech University Course - the Rawls.  It was a hard but fair and fun course that is fantastic shape.  Jojit got a fourth to round out our group and we played in the morning.
The course is perfect for West Texas.  They moved millions of yards of dirt around to create a beautiful 'links' style layout.  It was fun.  I made 3 birdies which is always fun.  But I mixed some reality into it with a 5 putt on one hole and had an otherwise un-remarkable 94.  Pretty bad but Pam and I still had a fun day.
We decided to meet up over at the Roadrunner later in the day.
It was fun showing them our home again and it was interesting to see what the boys like.  It was the sofa bed that folded out.  After some time at the coach, we went over to Rudy's for some dinner.
It was a great choice.  Lots of BBQ with all the fixins.
Before we left we got a couple of pictures.
It was so great to see they guys again!

That was our quick, 1-day stop in Lubbock.  Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles.  Until next time...


  1. What a nice way to spend the day... and to reconnect with some kids like that, who knows what seeds you planted in their brains? Wonder if they own RV's when they grow up?

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. We watched the Buddy Holly Story movie for the first time last winter. Great movie.

  3. Great story ! The Clear Lake Iowa corn field memorial at the crash site is cool, as is the last place they played, the Clear Lake Auditorium. Betty made the mistake of dozing while I drove and she woke up looking at the giant glasses memorial in the corn field. Yeh, I had escaped again and we were off route, again, he, he . . .

  4. I remember Buddy Holly well. He was one of my favourite singers when I was in high school. It's too bad the museum doesn't allow photos.

  5. I was 12 when they crashed in Northern Iowa.. Just old enough to be listening to the radio and had picked up on his music..... I lived in Des Moines, and we vacationed in Clear Lake, where they had played that night... So we were doubly connected to the tragedy.. The day the music stopped....

  6. While we were in Iowa getting our MH serviced, it was recommended to us to go visit the crash site. We didn't, we think that would be a little too weird. So we chose the Spam museum instead. Not as weird, right? ;c)