Sunday, May 11, 2014

Eating a Sopapilla - NM Style

I grew up in New Mexico and love New Mexican food!  Especially when its made in New Mexico.  Not sure why that really makes a difference but it does.  It just tastes better. We have eaten Mexican food all over the country and nothing tastes as good as does in New Mexico.

At almost every restaurant with New Mexican food, one usually expects chips and salsa as an appetizer and loads of red and/or green chile on the entree.  (There are so many wonderful main dishes to chose from.  Often I stay with a combination plate with a taco, tamale and enchilada.  But there are other choices.)

And then I always look forward to the payoff for dessert --- sopapillas with honey.
Sopapillas are delightful deep fried pastries that are best plain with honey.  Some variations include powdered sugar or cinnamon on top but I like mine plain.  But always with honey.

Here's how I eat a sopapilla:

Pick a suitable one from the basket,
 Chew off a corner,
Pour as much honey as you want into the sopapilla, roll it around on the inside,
 And sink your teeth into it.  Chew slowly and repeat.
That is my take on how to eat a sopapilla.  If you have never had one, I recommend you try one and see what you think.

You can find them at the following restaurants we have tried during our stay in New Mexico this time:


Santa Fe:
That's all for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles.  If you've never had a sopapilla, try them and I think you'll be glad you did!  Until next time...


  1. Looks like the perfect way to eat a sopapilla and I'll look forward to the food when we finally make it to New Mexico.

  2. Thanks for the lesson, I'm now fully qualified to eat a sopapilla! ;c)

  3. Bill was born and raised in Farmington... went to school in Las Cruces.... he introduced me to sopapillas a long time ago. Loved them then... love them now. I make them sometimes, but... like you're saying... they just taste better made in NM!

  4. Had a lot of sopapillas, but never really knew the secret to eating one, thanks!

  5. Thank you for the sopapilla tutorial--I wondered how to eat those delicious little guys! Thanks too for the restaurant recommendations. We love New Mexico & will be there next April to visit family & experience the Gathering of the Nations Pow Wow. Can't wait to have bisochitos (sp?) too!

  6. Oh, I wish you had written this just one week ago.....

  7. When you were a kid, did you try to fill it completely full. I did :)

  8. I am looking forward to my first sopapilla, and I will be able to eat it like a pro, thanks to your excellent tutorial!

  9. I'm missing my Mexican food now!!