Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fort Worth Reunion

Brad and Sue are hosting us at their place for another reunion with Pam and me Reid/Amy and Marty/Elena.  It is always a great time when the four of us brothers and our wives can get together.  We catch up, get to know each other better and learn more about our family from the stories we share.

Our main objectives are to enjoy each other, get some serious hang out time together, play some golf, eat, over eat, see the Colonial PGA golf tournament and fit in what ever sights we can in our few days together.  So far we have met our objectives.

Pam and I are staying at the Cowtown RV Park which is about 10 minutes from their place so that works out well.
We stayed here last year and it is a good park.  The Cowtown RV Park in Aledo, TX is convenient, reasonable and just what we like.

A couple of years ago Brad and Sue moved a little farther out of town and into a very nice neighborhood.
Their newer home has a great layout and a couple of extra bedrooms for Reid/Amy and Marty/Elena.  They have a full house but it has worked out great.
Plus they have a big dining room, living room and wonderful back porch/yard area to hang out.

We went to the famous Colonial Country Club on Tuesday to watch the pro golfers get in a practice round.  The crowds were small since it was so early in the week and we got to see a lot of our favorite golfers up close.
 We spent some time over at the putting green watching them practice and followed some guys around.  Some kids from the First Tee got to walk inside the ropes with the golfers and I snapped Brian Gay arriving at the clubhouse and one of my favorites - Jimmy Walker - playing a practice round.
There are a few noteworthy things about Jimmy Walker.

  • He is in his 30's, been on the tour for 8 years and just started winning.  He is the leader in the Fedex Cup standing with 3 wins so far -- and the season has another 6 months to go.
  • He is also a Baylor grad, like out daughter, and most interesting -- Has a Tiffin Allegro Bus!  Yes - some of these golfers own motor homes and take their families with them from tournament to tournament.

He was nice enough when signing autographs between holes during his practice round to talk to me a little.  He asked what year our Allegro Bus is (2007) and asked, " Did you know they are coming out with a 45' Allegro Bus?"

Later, when he finished and was signing more autographs, he let me get a picture with him.

We also saw Jordan Spieth (a 20 year old who has been on the PGA tour for a year now and doing very well)
Some of us walked around and some sat in the shade on hole #9 to watch the golfers come through.
We stayed about 4 hours and then went over to Brad and Sue's.

Brad cooked up some burgers on his 'Green Egg' grill and we had a nice dinner in the dining room before we adjourned to the back yard.  It was a very nice evening
We are off to a good start and aim to take advantage of our time together the next few days.

More next time from the Roadrunner Chronicles, thanks for joining us!


  1. How nice for you all to together that way!!! Have fun!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  2. 45 foot bus? You start to wonder how to drive something that long without a hinge in the middle! Nice to get together with family, a big benefit of fulltiming! :c)

  3. Paul said it above, but that's one of the reasons we like fulltiming. It allows you to get around the country to gatherings such as this.
    The 45' Bus has been out for awhile now.

  4. It's always nice when you can do several of your favorite things at one stop.