Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day 1 at Red Bay

We are back again at Red Bay, AL home of Tiffin Motorhomes and our Service Center of choice to get things done on the Roadrunner (our 2007 Allegro Bus).

We arrived yesterday afternoon and got a spot on our favorite end of the campground.  There are a few changes since we were here about this time last year but nothing major at this point.

The first thing I noticed was the completion of four new service bays on our end of the building in their paint department.  They did a nice job of extending then on the end of the building.

At the other end of the service building there is a new customer lounge under construction.  The current one in the middle of the service building will be converted into more offices.
Another thing I noticed is the turnover in the Camp parts store near the front office.  The ladies that were there for years have moved on.

Next, we got the wash done at the laundry facility and checked that off the list.

Looks like the technicians working on the motor homes are getting new work shirts with their name on it.
Quite a few have them and others are on order.

We took the Roadrunner over to Bay Diesel for to get some things done including yearly maintenance.
We also had the coolant receptacle replaced and got new fuel filters.  We also had a belt replaced, the generator serviced and got the ride height adjusted.  Nothing major except the cost: $1622.34.  In our book, not surprising and something we budget for.  We are very happy to have them do our maintenance and they completely know what they are doing.

While that was getting done, we visited Jack's a couple of time for a quick breakfast also for lunch.
Next, we stopped by Bruce Deaton's Auto Body and Paint shop.  We have an appointment with him and wanted to see if he also could work on the front end where we had the flying window hit us.
We are scheduled first thing at his place and hopefully we can get it all done in one day.

Around the corner is the Tiffin Visitor Center where the tours of the production line start.  We checked in with security, got a badge and then wandered through a couple of new 2014 motorhomes - an Allegro Bus and a Phaeton.
It is always fun to see the latest and to wander through the new units.
It looks like they are going back to the cherry and alder wood look and away from the darker walnut and mahogany.  The tile looks great.  Beautiful new and shiny, but it doesn't take us long to be content with our paid for 2007 Allegro Bus.  Fun to see but not something we want.

We picked up the Roadrunner back at Bay Diesel mid-afternoon and made it over to our site before the 3:00 PM end of the day and mass exodus from the service bays.

Later in the evening, Chris Berry stopped by and we lined up an appointment at his workshop to have a few things done on Friday.

That was our Wednesday at Red Bay.  We still have yet to see Norris and get an idea of when we will get into the Express Bay for service but it probably will be the first of next week.

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Until next time...


  1. Sounds like you are on first name basis with all the staff.

  2. I think I'd want to know *why* the ladies in the camp parts store had "moved on". All of them? Did they start a business together elsewhere? Just seems a bit odd.

  3. One of the ladies retired and I know that another is still there. Sounds like you got a lot accomplished. Hope the rest goes smoothly for you.

  4. Keeping everything running can cost dearly but not near as much if you don't do the maintenance and something goes wrong.

  5. Nice to have it all done at one place!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  6. Peace of mind knowing your work is being done right. That alone makes the price easier to swallow.

    We don't have a Tiffin but a factory tour is on our list. Amazing that they let you walk right along the assembly line.