Friday, May 9, 2014

Habitat Again in Santa Fe

We always look forward to volunteering at Habitat for Humanity builds.  Especially the good ones that are well organized and have some good things going on.  Habitat de Santa Fe is just that!  We had been there in 2011 and it was time to go again.
We looked on the Santa Fe Habitat web site, called up the Volunteer Coordinator and signed up to participate on Tuesday and Thursday.  They have a Women's Build going on so that was fun for Pam and Amy (who joined us on Thursday).

They did that while I helped out the regulars.  We were working inside while the ladies were framing the walls and putting up rafters.
I helped Elmer set up and level kitchen cabinets and the helped Tom put down some trim and a hand rail on the stairway.
We had to get it level front to back and side to side, find the studs and secure it.  The magic of shims and a level got the job done.
Other guys were getting light fixtures and switches working right.  A couple of other fellows were laying down laminate flooring in the rooms on the second floor.

The bottom floor of this house is concrete with radiant heating.  Some guys out side were installing a boiler to heat the water pipes in the concrete floor.
The colored concrete floors really turn out nicely after they are cleaned up and polished.  But that won't be for a few weeks.

I didn't take very many pictures of the railing or the trim that we worked on.  Instead, I got some more shots of the Women's Build.
Each day we took a morning coffee break with the guys in the small office.
Always interesting to hear what people used to do before they retired and how they got involved with Habitat.  It was a great bunch of guys.

Each day they had lunch donated by some restaurants in the area and it was great!  On Tuesday it was Frito pies and Thursday we had chicken enchiladas.
We had another great time meeting folks and renewing some old friendships from three years ago when we were there.
Pam and Denise, a retired Foreign Service Officer who has been all over the world

From the early morning check-in
to the project "We were here" photo - we enjoyed our time in Santa Fe.

Thanks for joining us on this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Until next time...


  1. Having fun while giving a helping hand is a great combo:)

  2. God has a special place in his heart for you folks.......

  3. Volunteering has some many great rewards. :c)

  4. Great post... And Kudos to the Women Team Efforts. Looks like they did a wonderful job.

    Karen and Steve
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