Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dodging Windows En Route to Red Bay

We left Fort Worth on Monday morning and we took two days to Red Bay where we will be for a few days to get some work done.

Our first day we drove from Fort Worth to a great overnight stop in Vicksburg, MS.
We had a pretty uneventful ride up to that point.  I drove a couple of hours then Pam drove for a while.  The roads got quite bumpy along I-20 east of Shreveport but what can you do.  We travel about 62 mph to get our 7.4 -8.2 miles per gallon and I was watching a 5th wheel pass us going about 65 mph.

I always watch people pass us and marvel at the 5-8 feet of separation between our motor home and their vehicle.  My eyes were traveling along the side of the 5th wheel and I notice the passenger side awning appeared to be ripped off the side it.  

Then as I was making my way down the rest of the 5th wheel as it passed, the back window with frame and casing loosened itself and came flying toward us.  In about 2.5 seconds it was airborne, came sailing into our lane and hit our motorhome squarely in the middle of the front before it shattered!

What??? Boom!! Like that and it was over.  We couldn't slam on the brakes, swerve or react at all.  He never slowed a bit and my mind raced through a couple of thoughts? -- do we have a flat, big dents? can we catch him?--but then what?  Pam did a great job of keeping it straight and steady and we slowed down and stopped in a couple hundred yards.

The damage was small compared to what could have been a very scary deal.  A little higher and that sailing window could have caught us at eye level and taken out the windshield.  Bizarre.  Very strange.  What are the chances of every seeing that again.  Not high I'm glad to say.
You can see where the rubber sealer around the window frame made the smudge mark above the license plate on the right.  To the left we have lots of paint nicks and chips from the shattering glass.  
We already have an appointment at Bruce Deaton's Paint Shop in Red Bay so we will add this to the list.

We continued on to Vicksburg, MS and looked around and underneath for more damage after we settled in for an overnight stop but everything looked OK.
We have stopped before at the Ameristar Casino RV Campground and find it to be a very good place for an over night stay.

We were up early yesterday, took quick showers, got a bite to eat, dumped the tanks and packed up and we're ready to go.  We always pray and ask God for His protection, safe travels, alert driving and good decisions while driving.  After the previous day, we included a big mention of thankfulness.  A little past 6:30 AM we were off on the last leg to Red Bay.
I think we found our favorite route.  We have been through Meridan, MS a time or two but I prefer the way we went yesterday. It was four lane highway almost the whole way and we had an uneventful drive.  
It was another 280 miles and took us about 5 hours.  We arrived about lunch time and checked it.  We chose site #91 that is perpendicular to the main rows down on the opposite end of the campground from the laundry and front office.  We have more room and can see people come and go out of the bays.
The service center is pretty busy so it may be a couple of days we get into a bay to get some things done on our list.  

Thanks for joining us today on The Roadrunner Chronicles!  Until next time...


  1. Your guardian angel was indeed working overtime. Glad you're safe and that no significant damage was done to your rig.

  2. Someone was definitely looking out for you during that "flying window" mishap. Glad that you guys are ok and the coach doesn't look too bad for wear.

  3. you were indeed being watched over!..very lucky!!!

  4. How wonderful to know that we are watched over each and every day. So glad you didn't have more damage and no one was hurt. Red Bay always is busy.

  5. If something is going to hit your rig - by all means have it happen when you're already heading to the shop! Glad it was a minor mishap. Bet that fiver owner is wondering where the heck he left his window :-).

  6. The people in the fiver probably never knew the window flew off. Had this happen to us two years ago when we were on our way to Florida to visit friends, On the second day there, Donna noticed water on the sill in our bedroom, when she raised the shade the window and frame were gone,just the screen remained, Have no clue where it fell off on I-24. Made a wood cover for temporary until we got home and I ordered a window and frame assembly and replaced it. So glad you guys are okay, I worried that ours might have done some damage but we had no way of knowing. Sam & Donna....

  7. Oh my! What a close one! With my luck, I would have been hit by the window after I had the paint work done. Glad you're okay and the damage is minor and not stopping your travels.

    I met a fellow at the Winnebago Factory Service Center who got hit by a 4 x 8 piece of plywood that flew out of the back of a truck. It hit right about where you got hit. Needless to say, it really damaged the front of his MH, requiring a whole new front cap as well as a driver side fender and compartment.

  8. You two were so blessed to escape injury! What a scary thing. I wonder if the fifth wheel ever did stop? That is a very weird accident but am so happy that you only suffered the smudge and paint chips in your motorhome.

  9. Wow! the stars and moon were aligned just right for you two!....Sometimes things like that make us realize how much we take for granted while driving down the interstates!

  10. we always pray before heading out on travel days too. . .I would say your prays for protection were definitely answered. . .thank the Lord!


  11. Sure glad it did not fly high and hurt you guys. A RV can be repaired. Great job on staying calm and slowing down to check the damage. It will be a s good as new when you leave Red Bay.