Friday, June 11, 2010

The Word is Getting Out

Last week when Pam was in the hospital I thought a lot about what it was like for Adam and Meghan during their many trips to the hospital.  I thought about her and her life and what she meant to so many people.  And she continues to inspire others by her story.

Adam is leading the way and posted an update on Monday:  the Bees Knees

Her new website is up and running:  ForTheLoveOfMeghan

The local paper in Petrolia, Canada where Meghan grew up did an article about her and Adam.  You can read it online here:  Petrolia Topic

There is an article about them on MTV:

And this blog about them which is one of the best yet ~ a MUST read:  Squeezyourlemons

So how can you help?  You can
- Run in her name this summer and let us know when and where (the latest runner did it in Colorado Springs)
- Share how her story may have inspired you
- Donate to her favorite cancer charity:  The Kelly Shires Foundation
- Buy a 'ForTheLoveOfMeghan' bracelet here:  (To fund fulfulling Meghan's travel goals)
- Donate to the cause here:
- Join Adam in volunteering in Niagra, Canada this weekend in The Ride to Conquer Cancer

That's what was on my heart and mind today and I thank you for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!

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  1. The story of Meghan continues to be a sad but inspiring one. It is great to see how loved she was by everyone she touched in her too short life.