Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Buses, Grass Cutting, the US Open and Hanging Out

Adam left for Chicago and we dropped him off at the Park and Ride in Ann Arbor not far from I-94 interchange.  We made it on time (by 9:00) but there was a bit of a line.
He has traveled on low-cost buses quite a bit over the years with trips to/from NYC and Wash DC when he lived there.  The price is right (under $25) for the budget minded clientele.

Afterwards we found a Tim Horton's and have never seen one co-located with another fast food chain.
Wendy's was in the other half of the building but not open yet.  We took our time and enjoyed the morning.  Pam is still dealing with the effects of Thrush and may have burned her tongue a few days ago so her taste buds are still on the mend.

Next we found Camping World again and picked up a water heater and bike rack.  I am going to install on on the Roadrunner hitch that goes vertical up against the back of the coach.
We never were completely satisfied with the bike rack off the back of the Honda because the bikes always got wet and dirty.  Even with the bike bag they were not completely protected.  So we will see how well it works when we hit the road next month.

We got back to the campground for a really late lunch and Pam needed to rest.  Two days out in a row is still a little too much.  While she rested, I got motivated to mow the yard.  That took about 45 minutes and looks a lot better.  Nothing like a trimmed up place to put one in a good mood.  Kind or like washing the car, vacuuming the house ~ you know those kind of things.

Afterwards the Golf Channel had some things going on about the US Open Golf Championship at Pebble Beach.
There was a pre tournament interview with my favorite with Phil Mickelson.  He's finished second 5 times and I would love to see him win it this year finally!

Who can forget the debacle on the 18th hole at Winged Foot in 2006.  Phil had it won and couldn't put his drive in the fairway and lost it to Jeff Olgivie.  I hope he wins this one.  Sometimes your chances run out and before you know it the years slip by and you're to old to contend.  Like one of my old favorites Greg Norman.  He lead all four majors at one time after the third round and only won the British Open.  But that's golf.  We will see what happens this week.

We had tacos for dinner which hit the spot.

I put the mouse traps in a good spot so they'd be handy when I went to set them.  And I couldn't find what I did with them.  They are still in a package somewhere??  Guess I'll get some more today.

Later, we could see Roger and Joyce sitting outside enjoying the evening so we decided to go over to their place with our camping chairs and sit and chat for a while.  That was fun!  After that, we came back to the Roadrunner and watched some baseball and called it a night.

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles.  We always look it when regular readers decided to become 'Followers' and add themselves by clicking on the "Follow" button~ who will be next?  We are almost at 120 heading for 200!


  1. I know how you feel about forgetting where you put the mousetraps - I do that all the time. I just had to bust a padlock off of our backyard shed because I put the key in a "safe" place that I wouldn't forget! The key is still safe - and lost!! Phil sure has blown a few golf tournaments but I guess that's part of what makes him so popular. Should be an interesting Open at Pebble Beach.

  2. I can't wait to see how you install the bike rack. That's on my wish list. It's going to have to get put on after we get out on the road. Definitely not a priority when we only have 9 days left before we head out!! Please post pics when you do it!


  3. I feel your pain about not remembering where you put something. It would seem that the MH is small and you could keep up with things, but I can't tell you how may times we have looked for something and not found it in our MH. A wise person once told me the last place you look is where you will find it.
    Glad Pam is still improving her stamina and feeling better. Just know it takes a good while to really recoup. So not to expect 100% yet.
    You guys take care and be safe.
    Mike & Gerri