Thursday, June 10, 2010

Roadrunner Reflections - First Year' s Numbers

During the last year, I have thought many times about the power of the blog.  It continues to amazes me.  It compels me to keep coming up with some thoughts each day.  I love to see this thing grow.  I find great satisfaction in coming up with an idea or a picture that interests someone.

I began this blog hoping to generate some dialogue and maybe make a friend 'out there' and to keep a record of where we have been.  It has done those things and more.

One thing I look at is numbers.  Here are a few that surprise me:
  • 35,764 - hits on this blog.  That seems like a lot but I know some who have well over 100,000 hits.  
  • 8,149 - unique individuals who have viewed the blog.  I am baffled by that many people who who stop by and check us out.  But thanks.  How long will it take to get 10,000?
  • 61 - countries (who knew that people in places like Uganda and Pakistan who are interested in RVing?
  • 51 - states and regions in the US (includes District of Columbia)
  • $50.70 for clicks on ads.  I am not supposed to ask people to click on the advertisements so I won't.  I need to accrue $100 worth of clicks before they send me a check.  I guess those with 1000's of daily readers make a decent amount of passive income.  For us, it is a bit of a novelty and it has been months since I started, so we will see how long it takes to get there.
  • 16,215 miles in the RV.  Can't believe we put that many miles on the Roadrunner.  If you'd said we would travel 3,000 miles I would have been surprised.
  • 31, 809 miles in the Honda.  This one really surprises me.  I would have guessed 10,000 miles max.
  • 3 - countries we have travelled to:  The US, Mexico and Canada
  • 238 - money I have saved by giving myself haircuts
  • 101 - Followers.  I know some people hate that name and refuse to be called a 'Follower' so they don't sign up.  Too bad the term 'Regular Readers' wasn't the word used.
  • 1 - time we have broken down on the highway and been towed into a Freightliner shop.
Those are just some of the numbers for our First Year on the Road.  We are enjoying it.  Looking at Year 2 looks a lot different than Year One.  There is still a sense of adventure and intrigue but a different kind...  The novelty of the idea is different.  It seems as if we have experienced a lot and learned a lot and I wouldn't trade a day of it.

We will see what the numbers for the next year look like ~ what story they will tell.

That is it for us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Looking at blog stats can sure be interesting as well as baffling sometimes. It's always a surprise to see visitors from places that I would never expect to hear from. I guess that's the real beauty of the Internet as we can reach around the globe.

  2. I'm a numbers person too...except I stink at math! I just like seeing statistics. I love your flag counter. Would you be offended if I sneak one over to my blog? I have a map with dots on mine right now, but I stink at geography too so it doesn't help me much. Public education...what can I say ;) hehe!


  3. I'm an RSS subscriber so you won't find me in the "followers", but I did want to say thanks for blogging. Your May financials were interesting to see and will come in handy as we set up our own budget. (We recently bought a 2009 Phaeton, and hope to become fulltimers as soon as we retire ... in the meantime, we're looking forward to our first adventure, which will be bringing the Phaeton home from where it's stored now in Oregon.)