Monday, June 14, 2010

New Friends at Haas Lake RV Campground

Fellow full-timers and bloggers Joyce and Roger send us a message on FB a few days ago and indicated they were parked a few sites away.  We scheduled some time together and got to meet them today.
They started full-timing in July last year after their house sold in 11 days Plymouth, MI!  They have a Mobile Suites 5th wheel and have been traveling between Michigan and Texas for the last year.  They will be here for another month or so and then will head to the Michigan Upper Peninsula for some time this summer up there.

It is always great to meet folks that have similar but different experiences.  We spent a couple of hours talking and getting to know each other and will likely see them again next week.

Earlier in the day we went back to OakPointe Church in Novi and were not disappointed.  We saw Bruce again.  His wife Anne is away for a few days working on their cabin they will be staying in for a while this summer.

We also ran over to Wal-Mart, then watched some golf and took it easy this afternoon before the Sunday night baseball game started.

That was our Sunday ~ hope you had a great weekend!  And thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Randy the matt is just about the same color and graphics as your Alergo Bus where did you pick it up. it looks great. Since you did not post anymore on the mouse problem I assume you must hace caught him. We had a similar problem in our Dutch Star and used a sticky pad in our vent to catch the thing. I tied it to the vent cover to prevent hin from dragging it further back into the vent in case he only got two feet stuck to the pad,