Friday, June 18, 2010

Thursday at Haas Lake

It was a beautiful day a Haas Lake RV Park Campground.  We had to be at the doctor's office at 9:00 AM so we left at 8:15 AM.  We arrived in plenty of time.  Huron Valley - Sinai Hospital Women's Center is a very nice facility.  The doctors we have been seeing are in a medical group uses this hospital and we are very happy with it.
Pam had a followup mammogram and ultrasound from her initial one earlier in Galveston.  Everything was fine so we are good for another six months.  One of the things we wanted to do was get all checked out while we are here in Michigan for a while and we certainly have seen a lot of doctors.

I will be glad when Pam finally gets to feeling 100%.   She will be too. We are almost there but she still doesn't have energy like she did a month ago.  We'll be patient and take it easy though.

We came back to the Roadrunner for lunch.  We stopped by at the Campground Registration Office and checked our mail and said 'hi' to Linda.  While we were at it, we paid our campground fee for the next few weeks.  It turns out is will be cheaper to pay for a month even though we will be heading out on July 8.

Surprise!  We got our first electrical bill and it was for $81.39 for the first two months.  I had forgotten we had to pay for electric so that jumps our daily rate up some.  We are still under the $25/day budget but I hate those surprises.  We probably heard about it when we checked in but after paying each month and not getting one, it was a shock to have one as we start month three.

Next, I went over to the bank and got a debit card so I could do some online banking with Bank of America.  We have had accounts for a long time but we got rid of the debit and credit cards long ago.  But you need a debit card account to transfer money online so we ordered those.

Nearby, I stopped at the Home Depot to pick up some hardware for our next project:  a canopy for the sofa bed.  We are trying to find a way to make some privacy and/or darkness over the bed for whomever sleeps there.  I know Adam would appreciate it, so we will probably work on that today.

We set the traps again and our mouse is not tempted yet.  So far he's ahead.  I heard him in a new place but have a hard time believing he is really up in the roof or the front vents?  (He is taunting me.  I hear him as I am writing this and have no idea how to get at him.) Sooner or later he will make a mistake...

I went running in the late afternoon.  It was hot and sunny and beautiful.  Just gorgeous these last couple of days.  I had another good run and am enjoying it.

Most of the activity of the day was watching parts of the US Open at Pebble Beach.  Who would have guessed BOTH Phil and Tiger would fail to get a single birdie yesterday?  My hopes are still with Phil.

And I am not really a Kobe Bryant/LA Lakers fan but I don't follow anyone on the Boston Celtics enough to root for them.  Anyway ~ glad basketball is finally over.   It always seems like a winter sport and here we are in the middle of summer.
It was a beautiful sunset.

That is all for today on the Roadrunner Chronicles, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Did you use peanut butter in the traps? They seem to like that.

  2. Good luck in the mouse war! I am hoping that our two four-legged "kids" will keep us from having that issue when we get on the road.

  3. Good luck trying to outsmart that mouse. I watched the NBA final last night and enjoyed the action because I really wasn't rooting for either team.

  4. That was a GREAT electric bill. Good for you all.
    I still put my money on the Warner team vs the mouse team. He'll mess up eventually.
    Love that sunset!!
    Enjoy your last few weeks at that beautiful campground/area!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  5. Picture this.... 1990. Your daughter was decidedly a Boston Celtics fan. Your niece (aka ME) was and continues to be a huge Lakers fan. Do you remember when Adam, me, Kelly, Nathan and Ben would all go to the card shop (I forget the name, that's what we called it) when you all lived in ABQ and buy basketball card packs? Adam liked the Phoenix Suns. Ben liked the Bulls; he has since changed to the Lakers. I don't think Nathan was ever really a basketball fan.

    Good luck with your mouse. I HATE mice, and do not envy you. Just be glad its not a 12 inch long RAT. You could always get a cat, haha.

  6. Glad to be reading that Pam is still improving and regaining full strength. Your sunset photo was sure a good one.

    Happy Father's Day to you this Sunday!