Monday, June 28, 2010

Ops Check on the Radio

It started out as a beautiful day.
We did our regular routine here and went to the 9:15 AM church service in Novi at OakPointe Church.  Then we ran a couple of errands and went back to the Roadrunner to watch some tennis or golf.

And then the clouds rolled in and we kept getting interrupted to see tornado and heavy thunderstorm warnings.  There sure seem to be a lot of those here lately which I understand is a little unusual for this part of the country.

We watched the weather move its way in our direction.  I checked out the new NOAA weather radio and cranked it up.  Sure enough it said we had 17 minutes until the 'conditions that may produce a tornado' would be right on top of us.

We moved quickly and got our important documents, wallets, radio and headed for the nearest cinderblock bathhouse and restroom.  We pulled up right next to our neighbors Jim and Alice who arrived a couple of minutes before we did.

We headed for the men's restroom since the ladies restroom was already full of people.
We had 11 minutes until it was supposed to pass nearby us.  We talked and stayed away from the windows and about that time a guy flushed the toilet and came out of the stall and said, 'for a minute, I thought I was in the wrong restroom'.

Oops!  Note to self ~ announce your arrival when you gather in the restrooms to wait out a tornado warning!

It was anti-climatic.  We did not see any high winds or dark funnel clouds.  It was rainy and cloudy but that was it.  Which is fine with us.  The good thing is that we feel as if we are learning how to be safer and what to do in those kind of emergencies.

We got back to the Roadrunner, opened it up a bit and the rain drizzled on and off most of the rest of the afternoon.

Pam was at her best cooking up 'chicken schnitzel'.
Pam wanted me to mention how she has increased her counter space a bit.  She removes both corian countertop pieces from the top of the 3 burners and leans them up against the wall out of the way until the kitchen is cleaned up.
What she has started doing is placing one of those pieces diagonally across the sink to increase her usuable countertop space.
She could use the corian pieces that fit over the sink but she decided long ago she didn't want to take them down and find a place to put them every night.  So instead she does this.

That is it for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles.  Hope you have a great week!


  1. Thank God you guys didn't get hit like that other MI campground did, As soon as Donna told me about it I thought of you & Pam. Boy this weather is crazy lately we had some damage here at the house last night. Glad to see you took precautions and went to the shelter. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Glad you guys are safe and not in the campground that got hit hard. Sounds like the weather radio is almoist a must to have for safety in an rv or even regualr house.
    On the lighter side, guess you have to announce yourself when going into the restroom... never know what is going to be.
    Take care and be safe.
    Mike & Gerri

  3. Like Sam said, I was wondering about you guys when I heard about the MI campground getting hit. Sure glad you guys were o.k. At least you are already getting your money's worth out of your new weather radio.

    Good idea of Pam's on the corian countertop too.

  4. The weather can be a little scary. Good thing you took shelter, glad you guys are OK!

  5. I saw on the TV news that Clyde Township was hit by the tornado and I wasn't sure where that was in relation to your CG. Glad everyone in your area is OK.

    Funny stuff on that restroom deal. Enjoy a peaceful and, hopefully, non-stormy day.

  6. I read your post yesterday, new follower, last night. When I went upstairs I told my husband about the need for a weather radio, he pointed to the one on his end table and showed me it had a weather alert feature, then when he checked his evening news on his computer he told me about the tornado in Clyde. So glad you wern't there!

    Maybe this was like a warning drill.

  7. Nice photo at the top. Weather was iffy here too. Sunday was a day of rain, dark clouds & tornado watches. Nothing developed other than heavy rains but with the air masses moving about like that....anything can happen very quickly. Waiting right now on possible scheduling changes for this week & will email you later in regards to Friday.