Sunday, August 23, 2009

Errands and Mt Rushmore

We had breakfast and checked out some of the local shopping: Kohls, Cabella's and the commissary at Ellsworth AFB.

While at Kohl's our friend Pete (and Roxanne) called. It was great to talk with them. Pete bought our Tacoma and wanted to get the maintenance records so we gave him the number of our mechanic (Tom at Fix-Your-Toy) in Manassas Park.

Next we checked out Cabella's. It reminded us of Gander Mtn and a smaller version of Bass Pro Shops which is one of our favorites. We didn't find anything we could not live without but did pick up a Christmas present. (Pam always starts about Aug so we are done well before the rush).

We went out to Ellsworth AFB and it is a very nice, well maintained place. We will be moving to the RV campground (FamCamp) on Monday. I read some not-so-favorable reviews which we found out were written by a sales guy for one of the campground memberships.

NOTE to self: read more than one review and don't believe all you read...

We finished our grocery shopping and headed out to Mt Rushmore. Wow! What a magnificant place. The Park Service has done a very nice job with it.
The same guy (Gutzon Borglum) that worked on the granite carving of Robert E. Lee at Stone Mtn GA did Mt Rushmore.We took a walking tour with a park ranger along the Presidential Trail. He gave a bit of history on how the presidents were chosen: Borglum was the decider.
The ranger also indicated that Jefferson was originally on the right side of Washington but a crack developed so they removed what they had started and carved him out of the granite mountain to Washington's left.
We will be here in the Rapid City for almost two weeks so we will be back to see more of Mt Rushmore.

That's it for this production of the Roadrunner Chronicles-thanks for checking in.


  1. We visited Mount Rushmore last year... Stayed in Custer at a great little campground. We intend to go again next summer... Love the area and know your having a great time! Have Fun!!!

    Travel Safe!

  2. Hey Randy, we loved the Mt. Rushmore area. We visited the Monuments several times during our 5 day stay and each time we did, we noticed something different and unique. Keep the pics coming!