Thursday, August 6, 2009

Leaving Miller Lake and Tobermory

We have had a very good 7 days here at Miller Lake. Yesterday we were able to go into Tobermory again and get some last food supplies. We also got some coffee and walked along the pier again.

Summer House Park Campground has been good. We have been here a week now and heading out later this morning. The campground has a lot of interesting facilities on site. It has a restaurant, frog pond, horseshoe pits, beach and boathouse plus nice paths through the woods.
We were able to go out to the Bradley cottage again. It such a beautiful place. We loved the geese, butterflies and serene waters along the lakeshore outside the back door. Adam and Meghan took one of the canoes for an evening paddle.

Pam wanted me to be sure and note the Orchid Blossom and record with a photo.We may or may not have internet access from Lake Talon near Rutherglen. So we may be offline for as much as 7 days. (Hopefully not...)

It is about 408 KM to Lake Talon and is estimated to take about 5 hours. We probably will get underway about 0845 this morning.
We conclude this post of the Roadrunner Chronicles with a photo of the raccoons who bid us adieu as we depart Summer House Park campground. Thanks again for checking in!

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  1. Thanks for posting the pics. Sure hope you get wifi at Lake Talon as I'm really enjoying your blog from that area.