Sunday, August 9, 2009

We made it to Talon Lake

We arrived at Talon Lake, 20 miles east of North Bay, on Thursday afternoon. Gladly, Adam and Meghan joined us. They will be here until Monday morning. The drive was beautiful. I love the seeing the small communities (10,000 - 12,200 population) that lie along the way. North Bay was the exception with 54,000 people.

We are in the midst of the highway construction months, so the going was slow. We went about 230 miles in 6 hours. But we arrived at Talon Lake Campground and Marina just fine about 3:30 in the afternoon.

The hardest part of most travel days is leaving the old campground spot without incident. We had a pretty bad fiberglass bang on the botton of the driver side (DS) when we arrived. I was making a right severe right hand turn and the nose dipped and hit a rock. Ugh! I hate that sound! I was surprised there wasn't more damage.

With that awful sound firmly in my mind, I was thinking about avoiding any more scrapes or bruises when leaving the campground. Pam did a masterful job of giving me hand signals as she walked backwards in front of me from our site through the campground gate. I had 1 left turn, 2 left turns, 1 more left turn and a final right turn --- all among big trees. Yikes, it is still a bit nerve wracking-- but we made it slowly through it all without incident.

We are at Talon Lake Campground and Marina. The accommodations are sparse: 110v and water. The area for large rigs is an open field with hrydo outlets and fire rings. We had a campfire on Friday night at the Roadrunner and last night at Royce's cabin on the lake.

They have had family at the cabin for a few days and it was great to see Jeff's mom, his brother and wife (John and Amy) again. We took their boat and Waverunner out to a sandy beach for the afternoon. Their four kids (and some of the big kids) got on the kneeboard and gave it a try. For some reason those things work best with the younger folks... Amy caught a 16" bass while we were out there too.

We returned to the cabin for a great dinner of ham, macaroni & cheese and beer and then enjoyed some time around the campfire. It was late when we got back to the Roadrunner but it was a fun day.

I was hoping to have Autonet Mobile service but it doesnt work. Jeff was kind enough to let me use his dial up so I could get a quick post out. Access to there cabin is by motorboat or pontoon boat only. Next time I'll have pictures.

Thanks for checking out the Roadrunner Chronicles.

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