Thursday, August 20, 2009

More of Sioux Falls

We got into town about 2:30 from Forest City, Iowa and immediately set out to see if we could get our lights working on our toad (Honda). We were not able to get a service technician see us at first RV dealer but they were nice enough to call and find another dealer who could work with us.

After about 45 minutes we found a defective fuse on the Roadrunner and a burnt out left rear blinker bulb on the toad. That was a relief to get fixed and only cost us an hour and $57.

Next we found the Sioux Empire Fairgrounds, picked a spot and got set up. The site has full hookups with railroad tracks 50 yards away and in the flight pattern for the local airport! But the price was right and we have plenty of room. We only heard trains and planes a couple of times so we were fine.

When we were here in April becoming SD residents, we were able to renew our friendship with Steve and Therressa. Yesterday after work, they met us at our site and we gave them a quick tour of the Roadrunner. Next, we went downtown to eat at the Phillips Ave Dinner. Since we had to wait a few minutes we looked at some outside sculptures nearby.

The city of Sioux Falls has developed the idea of SculptureWalk into a neat tourism activity. The sculptures are owned by the artists and loaned to the exhibit for one year. The public votes on their favorites which the city purchases to become part of their permanent collection.All of the sculptures are for sale to the public. What a great idea.

After dinner we were treated to a windshield tour of some of the cities great parks and notable expensive homes.

This morning I paid some bills and we found a campsite for our next stop: Rapid City, SD. Later we went into town and got our library cards so we could get access to some ebooks and downloadables.

We had lunch at Taco John's which reminded me of a Taco Bell/Baja Fresh combination. The tacos and bean burritos were pretty good. While we were there, Steve called and suggested we visit the Washington Pavillion downtown. He knows the Director of Operations and suggested we go say hi.

The Washinton Pavillion of Arts and Science is a non-profit organization that includes the Kirby Science Discovery Center, the Husby Performing Arts Center and the Visual Arts Center. Portions of the building have stood over 100 years. In 1992 the city was going to raze the Washington High School but some prominent citizens developed the idea of combining science, art, history(museums) and the performing arts into one building. The place that opened in 1879 has expanded and is now a much larger facility.
We were able to get a tour of the art galleries and the Performing Arts Center and saw "Red Flag" in the IMAX Cinedome. The Pavillion is an impressive center and brings first class talent to perform. Next month they have Mama Mia scheduled and they have had Bill Cosby and Yo Yo Ma also perform.

After the Pavillion, we found a lynch pin for the Blue Ox towing system and spent another enjoyable evening with our friends. It was a nice day in Sioux Falls and time to conclude the Roadrunner Chronicle for today. Check in next time for Great Faces and Great Places.


  1. Sounds like you really had a full day of sightseeing... Pictures are great! That is one place we missed when in Iowa... Have Fun!

    Travel Safe

  2. Thanks for the tour and pics of Sioux City, Randy. We were through there in 2007 and really enjoyed it. The map on the side is nice as it really provides visual info as to exactly where you are and what cities are nearby!