Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Biking & Hiking on the Bruce Peninsula

Pam and I decided to go for a bike ride around the campground. The first issue was a front flat tire. Since we have a professional bike mechanic onboard (Adam) I consulted with him. He swapped out the front tire from his bike for Pam's. Problem solved.

After going through the Summerhouse Park Campground, we ventured out a couple of miles down the road past the Miller Family Campground. It was a nice day for biking.We returned to the Roadrunner, had lunch and decided to go for a hike on the Bruce Peninsula. We headed back to the Visitor Center in Tobermory, paid our $7.80 (Canadian) and hit the a side trail to the Bruce Trail. Near the start we climbed the observation tower overlooking the peninsula. Beautiful.

Then we went back to the trail in the Fathom Five National Marine Park and hiked through the cedar woods. The 3.5 km Burnt Point Loop Trail took us to three different observation points near Little Dunks Bay and Georgian Bay.

The water is crystal clear. One side of the bay is very calm, but the other was more windy and the water was a little choppy.
We saw no fish. As clear as the water was, we notice not a fish in sight. That was curious but we forgot to go back to the park rangers at the visitors center and ask how that happened. Other references cited the arrival of an eel into the area in the 1930's that wiped out the fishing business but you'd think that after a few decades, the fish would reappear?

Afterwards we went back to Tobermory and saw the town holiday traffic has thinned out a bit since the Civic Holiday, but it is still a quaint town to hang out in.

We returned to the Roadrunner, had BBQ chicken on the grill and went down to the lake beach to watch some kids still in the water (and it was chilly!). We brewed some coffee, retired to do some reading and called it a night.

From the editor's desk of the Roadrunner Chronicles, hope you are having a good week. Please check in again.

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  1. Great pics, Randy. I really enjoyed the tour. That is strange about there being no fish in the lake - must be a good reason, I guess.