Saturday, August 15, 2009

Roadrunner Financials - July 2009

Here is a look at how things went for the month of July, our second full month as full-timers. We have a ways to go to manage our money better, but we are getting better at tracking it.

Once again, we are under budget (barely - by $63). Give us a couple more months and we'll see if we can hit our 'best case' goal of $2500 instead of our budget of $352o.

We were significantly under budget on diesel fuel because we spent three weeks parked in Pontiac IL volunteering with NOMADS.

Likewise, we spent very little on campground fees because those three weeks were paid for by the sponsoring agency - Evenglow Lodge.

On the other hand, we spent $216 on a Blue Boy portable tank and another $258 getting our a/c, windshield, and toilet fixed at American RV in Burton MI, so our RV maintenance budget for the month went sky high.

The areas we need to work on are food (groceries and eating out). We went way over budget in those categories as well as Misc Items.

NOTE: I have not included our giving/charitable contributions nor have listed our income. That might come at a later date but hopefully the information above will be interesting and/or useful.

So ends another financial entry of the Roadrunner Chronicles. Stay tuned for pictures of our time at Mackinaw Island. Until next time, thanks for stopping by.

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