Thursday, June 1, 2023

California Clan

Brothers Reid and Marty have sons(and families) in California.  Reid and Amy’s two sons live near LA and Marty’s oldest son and family live near San Diego.  We were able to spend time with them over the last few days.

First we drove over Ben and Lesley’s house from our La Quinta hotel in Buena Park.  We were able to spend some time with them and their three kids in La Habra CA.  We got to see the latest editions to their house and the improvements they are making as well as get to know the kids a little bit.  Last time we saw them they were not old enough to interact very much but they are a lively bunch now.  

It was the late afternoon and we all were supposed to be at Nate and Angela’s house for dinner.  Their house is in Whittier, CA, 20 min way.  We had dinner there and were pleased to meet up again with Reid and Amy and Angela’s parents George and Linda.  The last time we saw them was in Yosemite in 2016.  The only reason I know that is because I looked it up here on my blog.  This thing comes in handy!

Once at Nate’s house we talked around the counter and munched on chips and guacamole before the tacos and dessert. We all brought something and it was convenient and easy to fix.
Reid and I decided to get a twin shot before the evening was over.  
Everyone indulged me and stood in the doorway for a minute before we left.  Never long enough to talk and catch up but still glad for the chance to have a brief visit.
Next, we went back to our hotel for the evening and got up the next morning for the 85 mile drive south to San Diego/Del Mar.  Before we left the area got some gas at a Sam’s Club and did some shopping, then made our way down the coast.  The famous Torrey Pines Golf Course is less than 5 miles from where we were going, so we had time to stop in and look around and find a couple of things we couldn’t do without.  
We about 20 minutes in the Pro Shop, picked up a couple of souvenirs, then went to a grocery store for a few things.  I also had time to get a haircut before we went over to see Rob and Chris.  Then we drove over to Rob and Chris’ place.  It didn’t look like anyone was home, so we drove went to the town park and took in the sights.  The southern California coast is beautiful!

After 30 minutes of taking it all in we drove back to their place and were greeted with some stunning views from their home.
View from their dining room and kitchen.

Here’s more of a look from their balcony and deck.  It was a perfect afternoon to take it all in.  The rest of the time we gathered in their living room and did more of what we have been doing for weeks now as we visit:  we talked and enjoyed each others company as we got caught up on what’s going on in their lives.  They are such warm and gracious and friendly hosts.  We loved our brief time with them.
Here is Rob, son Jackson, Chris’ mom Irene, Chris and Pam
Andie, their youngest, was studying downstairs for a while and came up to help with dinner and chat.
Rob is quite the grill master and we had a delicious serving of Tri-Tip that was cooked to perfection.
We were able to spend the night with them and then everyone went off to school/work and we continued on our journey, this time pointing Roadrunner 2.0 Eastward.  By now we were 3 weeks into our coast-to-coast road trip and we were looking forward to getting home.  We were missing those grandsons of ours.  So off we went, this time to Tucson for an overnight stay with Marty and Elena.

Thanks for looking in on the Roadrunner Chronicles ~ until next time....

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