Friday, March 10, 2017

Time for New RV Insurance Quotes

We became residents of Florida in March of 2016.  We registered the car and motorhome (aka The Roadrunner) at that time and had to get insurance for both in the state of Florida.

Every year I go through a little bit of research and compare quotes from different agencies in order to manage our costs.  This year National Interstate raised our rates almost $200 so I wondered if I could do better.

I scoured the Forum  to see if any new insurance companies popped up.  I took last year's information from my spreadsheet and called around.  Surprisingly, most got back to me if they had a good number.

This this is the spreadsheet I used:
 And here are my results:
 I got back enough quotes to know that National Interstate is going to be the best again for us this year.
I logged a few notes in the far right column including an update on Blue Sky.  We had them for a year or two but their low prices apparently caught up with them and they are no longer doing any new RV quotes.
I asked for a multi-vehicle discount with USAA which is great for our automobile insurance, but they sub-contract their RV insurance out to Progressive and do not offer that discount.  They were also a little higher than than what Good Sam offers with Progressive -- both of which are higher than National Interstate.

After taking the time and effort to go through all of this, I was satisfied that National Interstate was the way to go again this year, so we renewed with them.

I offer that to you for what it's worth and hope at least some find it useful and/or helpful.  If you'd like a copy of my spreadsheet for your own use I would be glad to send it to you -- just let me know.

That's all for today from Virginia Beach on the Roadrunner Chronicles - thanks for stopping by!


  1. Good for you for keeping your insurance company in line. They are very good at taking advantage of those who don't shop around.

    Also, most people can easily lower their premiums by self insuring to a certain extent. All you need to do is to raise your deductibles to the highest that you're comfortable with.

  2. Yep we had a claim last year and our insurance went up $400 so we called around and ended up saving about $250 for the year... Progressive on the RV for us and Geico onthe CRV... odd that both compainies were more with both vehicles insured together. Hard to figure out insurance.

  3. Hey, thanks for the info. We are Florida Residents and insured with Blue Sky. It will be interesting to see if they will renew our policy or not?!?!!!

  4. Randy, I'm really surprised by your numbers. I have a 2009 Monaco Cayman (insured value $120,000), with the same coverage... except liability is $250k/500k and personal property is $25,000. My coverage is through Miller Insurance Agency with Allied/Nationwide and the premium is $927.87. I'm insured in North Carolina... is Florida that much more expensive?

  5. We kept an agreed value which runs us a little more but we would probably have to quit full time rving if we totaled our MH with depreciating value.

  6. Thanks again for helping others. You are a great guy.

  7. Thanks for posting! Made a copy to use when we fulltime in 2.5yrs. Follow your posts weekly and appreciate it!

  8. Update to some numbers: A friend asked about GEICO and why I hadn't gotten a quote from them. They've always been high but I called and got one and they again were not competitive at $2806. I also called Miller RV. We were once customers but I felt like they were not real interested in keeping me as a customer by working with me, shopping around, giving me some suggestions to reduce my bill ---. I gave them another call and they came up with the lowest one yet - $1611. I had already signed up with National Interstate. I told them I wanted to reduce my replacement coverage to $102,450 and National reduced my bill to $1626 so I stayed with them. But I definitely will call Miller Insurance next year.
    Bottom line: Its worth it to check around and thank you for your comments!