Monday, May 30, 2016

More Things We Use

Another in a series of things Pam and I use that may be of some help or interest to our readers...We use certain products or do things a certain way and have picked up some ideas we like to share.

1. Baskets in the Refrigerator.  And bungee tie downs - 
Dortha bought some of these baskets for the refrigerator and Pam has used them ever since our first few months on the road.
Pam also uses baskets to keep things in the freezer.  Bungee cords help keep everything from moving around too much when we roll down the road.

2. Freightliner Large plastic wrench hubcap bolt tool -  
Frank was in the campsite right across from us when we were still finishing up our full time working.  During those couple of weeks, he sold me a tool that came in handy last week.
He had a Fleetwood Discovery on a Freightliner chassis and had taken the wheels off a few times.  He noticed that his bright and shiny hubcaps were permanently scarred and gouged by the mechanics who used metal wrenches to get the center screw off.  This plastic one worked like a champ when I put on my new hubcap.

3. Foot/boot scraper - 
In Florida this past winter it was hard to keep from tracking sand into the Roadrunner and messing up the floors.  We looked a number of times at Home Depot and Lowes but did not find one.  We saw one back in December but for some reason it is a seasonal item.
While in Virginia Beach, I used our Amazon Prime account and ordered this scraper that sits outside by our steps.  It works well.

4. Dish tub in the sink /Suds down the toilet -
When Pam and I first started tent camping, she always took along a dish tub to clean things up after dinner.  I don't know whether by habit or ingenuity, she continued that practice.
One thing that enables us to do is pour soapy water down the black tank regularly.  We have a hose rinse set up that is useful also, but this puts 'good use' to the used dish water and also cleans our black tank.

5. Smell Management - strike matches in the bathroom -
After we had used a jar candle, Pam kept it and we place it on the heat duct ledge in the bathroom near a box of strike matches.
Matches are considerable cheaper than bathroom fragrances.  We light the match, let it burn down and blow it out and it does the job well.  We've been doing this for years now, ever since we visited 'Bradley on the Rocks' - Marg and Bill's cottage in Ontario on Lake Huron.

That's all for now - thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Hey Randy, we use our powered ceiling vent fan instead of burning matches. LOL

  2. All great ideas, alas many grey tanks are too small and it saves space. Who would ever thought you would have needed that wrench so many years later. Good you remembered you had it and where it was.