Monday, April 18, 2016

Some More Things That Work for Us

I wanted to add to my collection of things that we do or products that we use might be of value or interest to our readers.  In the not too distant future, I intend to put a 'Page' tab on the blog that shows a collection of things.  I am not selling anything---just offering some ideas.

Last winter we camped in Virginia Beach beginning in December.  We departed in April after the arrival of our awesome grandson.  During those few months it got really cold and we learned to deal with ice and snow and temperatures down to 9 degrees.

One thing a friend had was a digital infrared thermometer.  He used it a couple times to help me determine where the pipes were frozen on the outside spigot.  I also thought it would be useful to do a quick check on the Roadrunner tires when we stop at Rest Stops on our traveling days.
Very handy and about $18 on Amazon.

Each time we stop I try to park on level ground.  Sometimes it is a matter of slight adjustments like a foot or two on a dirt, grass or gravel campsite.  Other times I don't have much options on asphalt or concrete spots.
We have an automatic HWH hydraulic leveling system but I really hate to be in places where wheels have to be off the ground to level things.  That doesn't happen often.  Even with our automatic system, sometimes it needs a small manual adjustment.  We use the 12" torpedo level and turn it north-south and then east-west between the driver and passenger seats.  I also take the same readings back on the floor by the bathroom.  Pam operates the leveling system while I call out the readings.  Quick and simple and something we have used for a long time.  Handy and stores better than the long 3' levels.
Surprisingly these things go for as little as $7 and can get pretty pricey.

We have iPhones and iPads and battery chargers and who knows what else...  We got tired of only being able to charge a couple of things at a time and opted for this 'charging station tower' which handles four cords.
 A little pricey at $20, but well worth it and something we use every day.

Now more on the business end of things.  Two things shown here:
- Camco Rhino flex system.  I have two fifteen footers incase we are a little bit away.  It works great except when you step on one of these babes.  The accordion hose doesn't do well when it has been stepped on because it creates a weak spot and eventually springs a leak from the internal wire that bents and breaks.
 But I am a big fan of this system.  15' sections go for about $20.  Thetford and others also make similar hoses.

Also - the collapsible support stand.  Some places require that the sewer hose be off the ground.  These go for about $30.  The support stand came with the Roadrunner when we bought it 7 years ago.
 Also in the wet bay  - something I use a lot is a collection of spray bottles and cleaners.  I also have a bottle waterless hand cleaner.  You never know when you have some spillage from hooking and unhooking the sewer hose, so I find it handy to have a few options right there.
I get the Dollar Tree bleach and 'Pinesol' to help and it works pretty well.

That's a few more of products and things we use around the 'house'.  If you have any ideas or questions, please get in contact.  One of the most fun things we do with this blog is meet others 'out there'.

Thanks for joining us today on Chronicles.


  1. Thanks for the tips Randy!

    It's always great to learn from experienced RVers who are willing to share their learned lessons over time.

  2. Well we have almost all of the above. Except we have the big carpenters level. Got the infra red temp gauge a couple of years ago and Jim loves it.

  3. I love posts like this! We do the torpedo level thing too....

  4. Haven't bought the temp gauge tool yet, but I've had it on my wish list for a while now. I can see how handy a device it can be. :c)

  5. Great tips and looking forward to that "Page". So helpful and thanks.

  6. Did you know you can turn your cell phone into a level by installing a free app? It's not very fancy but we have used it as a quick double check when leveling.

    Great blog always.