Monday, April 11, 2016

North Fort Myers Habitat Build

We spent two weeks in North Fort Myers as team leads for the Care-A-Vanner Habitat build.
The accommodations were a small field the affiliate turned into an RV campground with 30/50 amp service, sewer and water at no charge. I didn't get a good picture of our RV area until after Tom and Carol had left.  Barry's rig is at the end and the Roadrunner is in the foreground.
Mavis was on the other side of us in her Roadtrek.

After a few days in the corner of the 'yard' next to a large tree (and hence no satellite TV)  Roger and his 40' fifth wheel, Volvo Heavy Duty Truck and Smart car - moved out and found a commercial campground near the work site.

Our excellent volunteer coordinator at the Lee and Hendry Habitat for Humanity was Elisha.  She has only been in the job but has a lot of experience working with people in her previous jobs.  She met us on her day off (Monday) and had snacks and drinks for the Orientation Meeting.  We meet in the affiliate offices and got a tour of the facilities.  

This affiliate is one of the largest in the nation and builds over 50 homes a year!

Here's a photo of the group after devotions at the campsite before we headed out to the job site.
 Our build site was Majorca Palms and we worked on three single family houses and six duplexes.

Mavis worked on painting/getting the primer coat on one of the houses.  She also worked on shelving and worked quite a few days in the Habitat Restore near our RVs.  She has volunteered at Habitat for many years but this was her first Care-A-Vanner build.
 Barry did a lot of things.  He has spent over 8 weeks at the site participating in a number of builds as the Care-A-Vanners came and went after the normal two week stint.
 This was Carol's first Habitat build and she did a number of things including flooring and caulking.
Tom and I did a lot of re-hanging closet doors and putting in 'wire' shelving.  
 Roger is a former millworker and cabinet maker and he spent a lot of time putting in kitchen countertops and cabinets.
 Pam spent a lot of time with a putty knife and joint compound and a caulking gun.
The guy on site that kept us all moving and going in the right direction was Eduardo.  'Eddie' was one of the best guys we have worked with an a pure delight.  He has a heart of gold and has been doing Habitat for 17 years.  He also is very generous and bought us lunch from a food truck on Fridays.
 Elisha came out to the job site and brought lunch one day.  She is very good at what she does.  She and Eddie are two of the best we have worked with and real positive influences at the affiliate.
 We went out to eat as a group one night and ended up at Ford's Garage in downtown Fort Myers.
 It was a good two weeks in North Fort Myers and they have a lot of work going on with a very good system.  We didn't have to wait on supplies or wonder was was next after we finished up one task.  They kept us busy which we appreciate.

That's a recap of our time on the Care-A-Vanner build...Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles.


  1. Hi, Randy! I didn't know the extent of building done annually by the Fort Myers Habitat affiliate. Fifty homes! That's an amazing statistic! So sorry you had to re-hang closet doors. I guess our group who worked the two weeks before you arrived could have used a tutorial. Safe travels! Cindy

    1. We worked on the condos that had the closet doors off. Just had to put them back. It was not rework from the group in front of us. As far as we know, they did a great job!

  2. Amazing the hard work you guys do to help other people. Happy to hear it continues.

    1. We had a good time there and was glad it wasn't the heavy lifting like shingles on the roof or sheet rock on the walls...