Monday, January 4, 2016

Museum in Cedar Keys State Park

We have really enjoyed our time here in Cedar Keys over the last four days.  It was pretty nice weather and fairly warm.  We didn't get to do all we wanted to here so we will have to come back.
Though it rained a couple of days, it was perfect for reading and watching football games.  When the weather was decent, I was able to give the Roadrunner a long needed wash.   And I think we rounded the corner on getting over the crud so we are feeling more normal every day.

One day we drove around the town and drove through neighborhoods and along the water as much as we could.  We noticed a whole lot of houses for sale.  And not surprisingly there are a lot of 'us' here.  'Us' as in snowbirds.  This place has a definite small town feel with lots of condos and apartments as well as a number of RV campgrounds.  We love just ambling through the town and seeing what we could see...

We drove over to the nearby Cedar RV Resort which is about 100 yards away. It looked like a very nice place and an option next time.  Although we like it right here at Anglers RV Campground at site #54. We'd probably come back here if we had the option.  Its nothing fancy, a little older, but it has a good mix of old and new and is a very friendly place.  And the price is good.

While here, we are hoping to see the museums but were only able to see one.  There are two museums in Cedar Keys:  The Cedar Keys Historical Museum and the Cedar Key Museum State Park.

It was raining yesterday but since it was our last day, we wanted to check out what we could.  Our first stop was the Cedar Key Museum State Park.  For a $2 entrance fee it was great!
 The first thing I noticed was this sign indicating John Muir was here in Cedar Keys.  Really?  I thought he was a Sierra Mountain/California outdoorsman and naturalist.  He visited after the Civil War in 1867 on his 1000 mile walk from Louisville KY.  Fascinating reading in his A Thousand Mile Walk to the Gulf.
 Inside, there were a number of small 'basic/" displays.  It was just what I like:  a few tidbits, a few historical facts and something I could digest and remember.  My goal at at museum is basically to come away with some type of working knowledge of the history and what the place is about.
 We learned the Cedar Keys once had a bustling red cedar lumber industry.  A New York businessman - AW Faber - was looking for lumber for pencils that didn't splinter and red cedar fit the bill.  He bought large tracts of land to build two mills.
He also imported graphite from Siberia.
 Fishing was a major industry here.  Now the main industry here is tourism and clams.
 On the property of the museum is the home of Saint Clair Whitman.  It was moved to its present location and is a great display of life in the 1920's.
 My favorite room in the house was the kitchen.  Look at that modern stove.  Pretty nice!
 And the Starbucks coffee bean grinder on the wall.
 My dad was born in 1912 so I can imagine he grew up in a smaller, less well equipped home like this in the Depression Era.
This home reminded me of other historical homes we have toured.  The first one that comes to mind is the Little House on the Prairie/ home of Laura Ingall's homestead in DeSmet SD.  And the Woodrow Wilson birthplace in Staunton VA.

We drove over to the Historical Museum but it was closed on Sunday so we will have to wait until next time.  However, I invite you to take a look at friends Steve and Karen and their blog GoneByRV to see thoughts on Cedar Keys.

That's some thoughts on our time here - thanks for checking in on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Hi guys. Glad you enjoyed Cedar Key. We were there this past summer and definitely enjoyed the entire area. We stayed in the Cedar RV Resort you mentioned. It was very nice, but the rates are MUCH lower in the middle of the summer when everyone is not there.
    You'll have to return to the area to do some kayaking.

  2. We enjoyed Cedar Key area. Thanks for the update.

  3. We are the other Steve and Karen LOL... we also LOVE Cedar Key! That museum is sure cute and we will try to get there soon. Last time we were there it was closed. My folks live only about 20 miles away in Williston. We park our RV there and day trip over to Cedar Key. We also have been to the Laura Ingalls stops over in S. Dakota and in Minnesota too! Very interesting, especially since I devoured the books as a child, long before the tv show came about.

  4. Another fan of Cedar Key. We were there last May and really enjoyed the area. It would be high on our list of a place to live if we ever hang up the MH's keys.