Thursday, February 21, 2013

Travel Planning

Today's episode comes to you from the great McDonald's restaurant in Sebring, FL.  Have you noticed the upgrades going on in McDonald's  lately.  The layout is becoming more like a Starbucks seating arrangement with lots of outlets and places to sit and connect to the rest of the internet world.  I like it.

We leave this morning for Lake Louisa State Park.  I don't know if my mifi will be able to get a decent signal so I thought I'd better take a few moments and write from here.  I came into to some online work early and now this.

We are thinking about where we want to be next summer and fall and winter and it looks like we will be out West.  A question we get often is, "How long to you stay in one place?"  I always say, "It depends."  It depends on where we need to be and what we'd like to do.

As we plan for the summer and fall, we have a few considerations.  We know we'll be in the following places and then we 'fill in the blanks':

- Orlando area this weekend:  My brother flies in for a conference and we'll get to at least spend an evening with him.
- The Masters in April.  More on that but yeah - no kidding - a lifetime dream about to happen.
- Virginia Beach/Washington DC - looks like we'll get to see our kids the end of April and early May.
- Tuscaloosa, AL - We are signed up for some Disaster Relief work in May
- Wisconsin - We intend to be there in June/July
- San Jose, California - Nephew's wedding in September
- Arizona for the late fall and winter

So we are working with those dates and places.  We also know we have to renew our driver's licenses in November in South Dakota and re register the Roadrunner and our car.  Or we can become Texas residents.  We don't have to have the RV in South Dakota to renew, so we could fly there for a weekend and get it done.

So basically the big question we are solving is whether or not we want to become Texans.  I like Texas and have no problem there.  I want to know if we would save money doing it.  If not, how much more would it cost to do that?

In order to answer those questions, I need to do some research and spend some time talking to insurance people and checking out some things.  I will be doing that in the next few weeks when I have a better internet connection.

But we love planning and figuring out who we can see and where we can stay and how many Habitat builds we can work in the schedule.  So more to follow on that.

That's all for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles.  Thanks for joining us and thanks for those comments!


  1. It will be great to hear your about your research. Eldy says that Texas requires RV owners to take a driving test in your rig to get a license. We are South Dakota residents but finding we're spending so much time in Florida, that we might switch one of these days. Gotta love the choices! :-)

  2. Hi Randy, I have been following your blog for a long time and love it! We are in the Clermont area, and will be here for a while. My husband is an insurance branch owner and we full time, with our 5 kids. :) We are also Texas residents and Escapees members. I would check with the DMV about getting your license. Some friends of ours from Missouri just changed over to TX and they did not have to take a drivers test for their RV. If you would like to talk with Todd of have questions, he would love to help. You have helped us many times via your blog!
    Todd & Stephanie Golden

  3. We have looked into Florida residency, but also have considered Texas as well....will be looking for info. Right now we are residents of GA. We established a mailing address in FLA, but now are not sure that is what we want to do. We are liking it out west as well.

  4. Not being full timers we are residence of of more former Governers in prison than any other state...sheesh...I would LOVE to be a resident of Florida ..just for 6 months of the year ;-))

  5. If we don't catch up with you here in FL ( we are in Ft. Myers, headed to Boynton Beach, then St. Augustine) we might be able to catch up with you in DC. We arrive at Cherry Hill on May 2.

  6. Let me know if you are in the Tucson area and I will arrange a tour of the Desert Museum if you'd like that. I am a docent there. I feel like I know the "other" Pam & Randy quite well after reading your blog so much!

    Pam & Randy