Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fun with Marg and Bill

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It has been a great week with the Bakers!  They drove 750+ miles from Petrolia, Canada to Norfolk to be with us.  They left on Monday afternoon and arrived on Tuesday about 3:00 PM.  Marg and Bill are participating with us today on the ForTheLoveOfMeghan team run/walk at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Virginia Beach.

We took it easy on Tuesday and sat outside of Kelly's place where they are staying.  It was an 80 degree day and it was perfect for a walk on the beach.
 Later, we extended the evening with some time in Kelly's front yard and hanging out at her house.
 On Wednesday, Bill and I played golf while Pam and Marg went shopping.
After golf we went down to the Virginia Beach boardwalk, got some ice cream and met a nice couple from Ohio
and walked on the beach for a while.

After Kelly came home from work, we went out to eat in Virginia Beach.
On Thursday it was supposed to rain a lot, so we made the 3 hour trip up to Washington DC to show Bill and Marg around.  We spent a couple of hours at the Udvar-Hazy Air and Space Museum out near Dulles Airpot.
Next we drove by our old neighborhood in Fairfax and then had a late lunch at 5 Guys in Fairfax Town Center.
Then we drove downtown to Washington and gave them a windshield tour of the city.  They had never been here before so it was fun to show then the major attractions and go by some monuments.  Meghan had been to Washington DC a few times with Adam in the last couple of years.

On Friday, Bill and I squeezed in 18 holes at Oceana Naval Air Station.  They have a couple of nice courses.  We were the first ones off the Tomcat course and it was fun.
Too bad we didn't score better, but ... that is golf.  Somedays the best thing about the round is just being out there.

After golf, we went back to Kelly's place and then met Ryan there who took us over to his squadron at Naval Air Station Norfolk.  He flies the MH-60S Seahawk helicopters and we got a tour of the squadron and a close up view of the aircraft.
Their unit is assigned to the USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) which is the last of the Nimitz Class supercarriers to be built.

After our tour, we went out to the Roadrunner and cooked some steaks on the grill.  We are in the flight pattern of F-18's as they were landing so it was loud at the campground.  But pretty cool to be near flight operations again...

It has been a great time with Marg and Bill.  Later this morning we are going to participate in the run.  Not sure how that is going to be.  One short year ago, Meghan ran the race for the cure...
Today we run in her memory and for our friend Barbara

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  1. What a thrill to see Ryan's squadron, that is what I did during the Viet Nam war and flew from aircraft carriers also, I was with Helicopter combat Support Squadron Two. Tell Ryan good Luck and it's the most fun a young man can have without girls. Looks like you are enjoying family and your Visit from the baker's. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. We got to tour the aircraft carrier USS JFK when our son, Kelly, was stationed on it...Love them Navy guys! I'ts great that you are running for honor her life....Kudos to you all!

  3. Wow, you packed a lot in that time. Glad you have had such a nice visit with your friends.

    Kevin and I stayed at the Nat'l campground just outside of Washington, DC and took the subway into Washington. We loved it there and want to go back, there is so much to see!

    Good luck with your "run for the cure" in Meghan's honor.

    Kevin and Ruth