Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Power of Webcams

You should try out web cams! They make a conversation a lot more interesting than the phone. When we hit the road in our RV, we anticipate getting in touch with family and friends often via the webcam. There may be some exotic 'for pay' applications out there, but I only use the 'freebies'. (Got to be thinking about being on a budget. A small budget...)

Last summer my desktop was getting old and slow, so I decided to get a new computer. I ended up with a Dell Studio laptop with lots of RAM and storage and a big screen. It also came with a web camera embedded in the top of the screen. Similar to a Mac.

Some of the software that came with it was Dell Video Chat. I downloaded it, installed it and got with my buddy Rudy. We hook up every so often to check in. It was pretty easy to set up and I thought it was great.Then I more or less stumbled on Google Video Chat. I thought that was better than Dell. I still use it at times. In fact, last night Pam and I did a session with Adam and Meghan. (He took some time off and went to be with her during her 4th of 6 chemo sessions.)
My friend Ed lives in Orlando. We have stayed with him and Candice many times since they moved there three years ago. He likes SKYPE so, we use that often too. With 11 million+ users, it is really something. Not sure how a system can support that kind of use, but it does.
My brother Marty showed me the best one yet! This application lets up to three people do a video chat at the same time. You can use this one two ways:
  1. Download and install the software like the others, or
  2. Just user your broswer; no download required. Click on the link on the right side panel of the blog
If you'd like to give it a try I think you'll love it. If you have already been using them, let me know and we can hook up sometime.

The more I use these kinds of things to keep in contact with folks, the more get over the idea that we will be 'out there in RV land on our own with no one to talk too'. There probably will be times when it gets lonely out there. But hey - sometimes it gets lonely here in the Washington DC suburbs!

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  1. Thanks for all the information on web cams. I have not tried any of them yet.