Saturday, March 14, 2009

Potential Jobs

Retirement? "You guys are too young to retire! You can't check out yet! How long can you play golf and hang out on the beach? Won't you be bored?"

We were thinking about those things long before we heard them. Some friends have asked questions, some have just thought them...

Pam and I aim to be working when we hit the road in our RV. Some work will be 'for pay' while other jobs will be something we want to be doing as volunteers. Here are a list of 10 potential jobs we could see ourselves doing:
  1. Habitat for Humanity - We have thoroughly enjoyed our time volunteering locally at two different chapters (Prince William County and Loudon County VA). I signed up for a build in Santa Fe in September with Care-A-Vanners.
  2. NOMADS - This is similar to Habitat except it is a ministry of the Methodist Church. Volunteers show up at a church, campground or other site from all over the country to volunteer. Wycliffe Associates is a similar possibility I blogged about a few weeks ago.
  3. Independent Personal Consultant - I am just getting my digital photo/storybooking business (Heritage Makers) off the ground. Who doesn't have a digital camera these days? This could grow into some extra income with books, greeting cards, calendars, etc to add a few $$ to our budget. More to follow on this.
  4. Business Consultant for a Non-Profit - my current company has a policy of allowing personnel to work from home if they have an engagement that works for the client. I have been discussing this with my Associate Dept Head and have some part time work lined up that could extend to a few hours after we hit the road in the summer.
  5. Project Manager - short term (two or three months) job as an IT PM. Before Pam and I settled on pursuing RV full timing , I was looking for a PM job in Virginia Beach or Orlando. I posted my resume on and and some others. I was surprised how many responses I got for short term work. I got a call last week from a head hunter so there are some possibilities.
  6. Golf course - 10 years ago I went to work on the weekends to mow greens at a local golf course where Pam and Kelly both worked part time. I worked at Santa Fe Country Club in high school and loved it.
  7. Red Cross - Sean and Louise were telling us about there volunteer work in Mississippi and how they got real involved after they began full timing.
  8. Adjunct professor - Years ago when Pam went back to college to finish up her degree at Wayland Baptist University, I also taught American Government. I thought I could try that again and teach business, project management or American government at a community college or university. A running buddy does that now and got me thinking about it.
  9. Custom made golf clubs - in the early 1990s I launched 'Playoff Golf' which was my hobby business to sell custom made/knock off golf clubs. It was fun and I was almost making some money at it before we moved from Albuquerque. I was shipping clubs to California, Hawaii, Colorado, Texas, Tennessee, the United Kingdom and it was a lot of fun/work.
  10. Campground host - We definitely want to get experience at National Parks, State Parks, US Forest Service, Army Corps of Engineers and/or Bureau of Land Management locations as campground hosts.
We definitely look forward to hitting the road and have been researching different kinds of jobs. One day I guess we will actually retire but not yet. One of the driving forces for me in changing our life and lifestyle is finding things we can do together.

And we anticipate getting underway in the next few months...

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