Saturday, February 7, 2009

No Workamping at Walt Disney World

At least not at the moment. We looked for information for months and found very little. This was a tough one to crack.

We are interested in working part time at Walt Disney World on one of the golf courses. A favorites has been the Magnolia Course where they play the PGA event every year. I talked with a couple of people who worked in the Pro Shop and both had transferred from another job at Disney. It took one person over two years to get a position.

Even in the rain it would be a good place to work. As you can see there wasn't a whole lot of activity that afternoon...
Another thing we'd like to do is work at their RV campground (Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground).There is not a whole lot of information out there on the internet. We checked online forums and looked for websites. Since we stayed in the area during our recent trip, we went to Disney World Casting and spoke with personnel there.

Bottom line: Unfortunately, they are not hiring now and there are no intra company transfers.

But - to get your name in the queue when things open up, go online to: Disney World Jobs and fill out the online application. If you happen to be staying nearby, go by the Casting Office and let them know you are interested and patiently waiting.

The Casting Office is across the street from Downtown Disney:At least we found out the real information and satisfied our curiosity. We now know how to apply for a job at Disney, but the chances don't look good. Maybe that is why we had a hard time finding any information on the subject.

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  1. Darn...if I had to workcamp that is where I would want to go! Maybe in the future.