Monday, February 23, 2009

The Chili Cook-off with 'Pollo Flamados'

Our 'Pollo Flamados' team entered the annual Chili Cook-off contest. We competed against eight other teams. Last year Max's (our Top Chef and team lead) White Chicken Chili recipe took top honors. This year I decided to document our winning ways.
First, we met at Max's house to make the chile. We got the chicken stock and ingredients going while Jim ironed the chef aprons and put the team logo on them.Then we diced the world-famous Hatch Green Chile, cubed the specially marinated and baked chicken breasts, worked the sour cream into the chicken stock and created two huge pots of
delicious chile.
The chile finished cooking and was placed in the refrigerator overnight, then transported to the cook-off the next day. Our table was suitably decorated with festive balloons and smiling servers.
We had plenty of taste tests and camaraderie around the serving table.
Once it began, we had long lines and dished up a lot of bowls of chile. We took a minute to pose for a couple of pictures and then continued serving. Meanwhile, judges came by and scored each entry. Incredibly, someone else won the competition! What's up with that? :)

After it was over, we packed up, rolled up the decorations for storing and began planning our entry for next time! Though we didn't win this time--one out of two isn't bad. ?Maybe we can make it two out of three?

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