Wednesday, August 31, 2016

More Throwed Rolls on the Road

This is a look at our itinerary for the next few days.  We left Scott AFB FamCamp yesterday morning and are slowly making our way to Red Bay Alabama for some work on the Roadrunner.  We are arriving at Red Bay for the Labor Day Weekend and have some time to get there.

Last night we stayed at Hinton RV Park which is a great overnight stop in Sikeston, MO.  It was only about 3 hours from Scott AFB and right along our route.  Next, we'll spend a couple of days outside of Memphis and see some sights there before heading into Red Bay.
We got into our open, flat and level campsite about noon.  It was hot outside and a chance for me to wash the Roadrunner.
It was really hot so I put up some shade in the form or our new REI canopy.  I am really going to like this one!
It's been a while since I had a chance to scrub the coach down and clean it up.  I really need to wax it too, but that will probably come next week at Red Bay.

In our research to find a decent campground I came across a review of someone who mentioned Lambert's Cafe - home of the Throwed Rolls.  Once I saw the reviews of the campground and mention of Lambert's - I knew this is where we wanted to overnight.
We first heard of Lambert's while in Pensacola a few years ago.  We drove over to Foley AL with some friends and had lunch.  It was a hoot!  If you have never been to Lambert's at one of their three locations (Foley AL, Ozark MO near Springfield, the the original-first-one here in Sikeston MO.)  
Lambert's started as a cafe in 1942 when things were pretty tough.  Earl and Agnes started the cafe after borrowing $1500 to get started.  After Earl died, his brother and wife joined Agnes running the place.

It was crowded one day at lunch time and a customer said, "just toss me a roll" and that's how the now famous "Throwed Rolls" began.  They also have "pass arounds" which are on the house and include:

  • hot rolls, (with apple butter and/or sorghum),
  • macaroni and tomatoes,
  • fried okra, 
  • black eyed peas,
  • fried potatoes and onions

Different folks walk around and ask if you want one of the pass arounds and serve it up right there.  
 If you look real hard you can see the guy cocking his arm to toss Pam and me each a roll.  
 We were two for two!  Both of us caught one from clear across the room.  Next, a young lady stopped by with the apple butter and sorghum, both of which were good.  I also had some fried okra which was pretty good.

We opted for the catfish and shared one plate.  There was plenty of food there for both of us.  It came with an additional two sides.  We had the baked beans and coleslaw.
Yikes!  One doesn't go to Lambert's to watch their weight!  But it is a unique place and a lot of fun.

We went to dinner early in case there might be a tour bus at Lambert's or a lot of people.  There were neither but the result was we had plenty of time for an early evening drive around town.  Low and behold we saw a small sign for the outlet stores.

Apparently there were a couple of dozen stores there at one time, but this shopping center had clearly seen a better day.  But they had a few stores worth stopping in and looking around.  One was Carter's Kids -  that was trouble!  We picked up a couple of shirts and pants for our fast growing little grandson Brooks.  At 18 months he is wearing 2 size clothes.
We also stopped by Bass Clothing store.  We didn't find anything there but had some time to chat with a couple of young ladies at the store on a slow evening.  They asked where we were from and we got into a brief discussion of our lifestyle.  I gave them a contact card and encouraged them to take a look at the blog here.
I asked if I could take a picture and they were more than glad to do so.  Antrava is on the left, Autumn is on the right.  It was nice to talk a little with them.  And nice to see more young people working.  Just like at Lambert's -- we saw a lot of young people working there too.

That's about it -- one overnight stop along our way from St. Louis to Red Bay.  We set up some shade, washed the Roadrunner, had dinner and fun at Lambert's and had time to meet some locals while picking up something we couldn't do without for our favorite grandson.

It was another great day as a full-timer.

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. We sure like Lambert's. If you leave hungry, it's your own fault. Last time we were there, a roll got tossed clear across the room, which I caught. On the way out the young man told me "good catch".

  2. We have zoomed by Lambert's, but never stopped..Thanks for the photos!

  3. We have stayed at Hinton RV Park several times and like it much better than the one down the road. Yes we have been to Lamberts. I fell out of a booth trying to catch a roll thrown to me before it hit the floor, successful catch along with applause. Great food and plenty of it. Jeanne was actually born and raised nearby and used to have close relatives there. We plan to stop in Red Bay in Nov. when we get back from Colorado. Safe Travels.

  4. "One doesn't go to Lambert's to watch their weight". Welcome to the South Randy. LOL

  5. Do they recycle the rolls that land on the floor? :cO