Monday, August 8, 2016

Coffee and the Saturday Portland Market

Saturday was the perfect time to enjoy more of this great Portland weather we've been having.  The Portland Saturday Market.  The information we had indicated it opened at 11:00 AM but we were in the downtown area about 9:30 AM, found a parking place and looked for a coffee and/or bagel shop on 2nd Street.

We ran into a food court old warehouse trendy kind of place that had a few interesting choices. Some were not yet open and we drank some coffee and had a croissant and did some people watching for a bit.
 After our time there we went outside and noticed there are a lot of bike rental opportunities in this city...
 Next, the Market was a couple of blocks away and it was in full bloom.  Lots of interesting things.
Pam and I admired this young man's photographs.  He had a lot of colorful items on display and sets up shop each weekend down here.
 We really like this place and the fact that it is open on both Saturday and Sunday morning seem like a perfect place on the weekend to wander around in Portland.  It was one of the better markets we've seen in a long time.

Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles as we check out more places in the great Northwest!


  1. Love the bikes for rent. Nice size baskets to carry stuff.

  2. Glad to see you're out and about and the eye is not keeping you down. :c)

  3. I like the fact that they call it the Saturday Market and not a Farmer's Market. Portland is really a beautiful city.