Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Thumbs Up and Off We Go!

This morning was our last appointment with the our retina doctor.  He said everything continues to look good and removed all restrictions.  I can return to exercise, sleep in any position and basically it is back to normal.

I am still going to build up some stamina, and I will alway needs to be protective against any blows to the head.  The rule of thumb will be to see how things are at about three months.  The re-attachment should hold and after that I should be good.

I only have one set of eye drops remaining and will be weaning off them in the coming weeks.  To my surprise the gas bubble has completely dissipated in my eye.  The doctor said it really looks good in there.

I have full range of vision in my left eye but it will take months for things to completely settle down and determine the extent of the successful retina repair.  He suggested I wait to get a new prescription and until then I will probably continue to have about 20/100 vision in my left eye.  Maybe a little better, maybe a little worse.  He said fluctuations are normal in recovery.

So -- we are packed up and ready to head East.  We are all packed and will be meeting friends in Walla Walla for a few days.  Next, we will be going in to Spokane the first of next week to change out our fuel filters before we head to Montana.

Thank you again for your interest and prayers.  We continue to be hopeful for more healing and that more vision returns.  Thanks for joining us on edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles (and what I hope will be my last eye update)!


  1. So glad to hear this good news Randy. Bet you're ready to be on another adventure. Happy and safe travels to you and Pam!

  2. Glad to hear that your recovery is going so well. Happy, Healthy and Safe Travels!!!

  3. Everything sounds great Randy. We'll be waiting for you here in RB.

  4. Such good news! I'm sure you are relieved and happy to be released from all your restrictions. Safe travels!

  5. Glad to see you've mended well and are able to move on to greener pastures so to speak. Maybe we'll see you in the east again this year

  6. I am sure it feels great to be able to get past all those problems:)