Friday, August 12, 2016

A Memorable Drive

Have you ever been on a stretch of highway and thought, "This is spectacular!", or said, "Oh my! Wow - this is beautiful!"?  Where are some of your favorites?

A few our favorites come to mind:

  • Shenandoah Valley on US Interstate 81
  • The Keys - US Highway 1 Florida City to Key West
  • 17 Mile Drive along Pebble Beach CA
  • Drive to the Sun in Glacier National Park, MT
  • Highway 101 along the Oregon Coast through Monument Valley
  • Monument Valley near Arizona/Utah border
  • Drive through the Arches National Park
Those are just a few that I think of including the drive over to Walla Walla, Washington from Portland Oregon.  We drove through the Columbia River Gorge along US Interstate 84, 82 Highway 730 and 12.  
These photos don't quite do it justice but it was scenic and spectacular:

We left our campground in Portland Fairview RV Park about 8:30 AM and arrived in Walla Walla about 12:30 PM.
We are loving the weather and the scenic views along the way from Portland to Walla Walla.  Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. The West Virginia Turnpike is beautiful.

  2. You also need to drive the Beartooth Highway. So many beautiful places in this country of ours.

  3. How about that drive along AL24 leading into Red Bay? Just kidding, but we are very familiar with it.

    1. Too funny! Although I like it better now that's it's almost four lanes from Russelville!

    2. Randy, just an FYI. Coming w/b toward RB, it's now fully opened (2 lanes going west). E/B looks to be ready to open at anytime now.

    3. From East TX which route would you'll suggest to RB:30 to Little Rock to 40 Memphis to 22 Tupelo or
      20 to Shreveport ->55 Jackson ->82 Winona-> 15 Tupelo -> 22 ? Going to get some warranty work done hopefully. Thanks
      PS - our first big road trip!

    4. I think with the flooding etc in Louisiana, I'd go by way of Memphis to Tupelo into Red Bay.

  4. Nice of you to list a few amazing drives to see.

  5. I am always in awe while driving the Columbia River Gorge.

  6. Such a long drive with so many scenic views. Monument Valley near Arizona is amazing. I hope I'll manage to get from Portland to Walla Walla the same way soon.