Tuesday, August 16, 2016

More Memories in Walla Walla

Growing up, our family took a few road trips.  I remember a cross country one back in 1962 from Presque Isle Maine to Phoenix.  My dad retired from the Air Force and my mother had enough of cold weather to last a lifetime.  So my dad did some job hunting and found a position with the U.S. Forest Service in Phoenix AZ.

A year later he took a Forest Service job in Silver City NM where we lived for three years.  While in Silver City, we took another road trip -- this time to see my mom's sister and family in Walla Walla Washington.  I think we were 10 years old at the time.  We had a good time with cousins Gary and Greg although Greg was much older than us.  But Gary is the same age as me and my twin brother Reid.  And Gary grew up in Walla Walla.

Last week, we pulled into Walla Walla for a three day stay.  We had planned on meeting full time RV friends Geroge and Marge who were traveling from Sioux Falls.

Over the years cousin Gary and I have not really kept in touch too much.  Just a few notes back and forth on FaceBook.  I sent him a note and said, "Guess where we are -- Walla Walla".  To my surprise he sent back a note and said, 'We will be arriving tomorrow for my 45th high school reunion'!

Really?  - Wow -- we could not have planned it any better.  We found a restaurant (Olive Marketplace and Cafe) and decided on lunch with him and girlfriend Lisa.
 We had a great time catching up and learning about our lives at this stage.

After lunch we had them out to the Roadunner for a quick tour before we took them back to the Marcus Whitman where they are staying.
It was really great to see Gary again and to meet Lisa.  Lots has happened in our lives and it was fun telling stories of what has happened over the last 50+ years.  It was a wonderful time.

One thing about Walla Walla is that it is one of the most well taken care of small towns we have ever visited.  One thing I did after checking into our campground (RV Resort Four Seasons) is to get hold of a city map that showed the bike trails.
We checked them out and did a pretty good job of seeing the outskirts and neighbors of the town.  We also had dinner downtown one night and all in all -- Walla Walla is one of the great towns in America!  It apparently has no 'bad areas' -- it was all kept up well and we just didn't see any 'bad areas of town'.

We had another great time with good RV friends Marge and George.  We met them in Key West when were were there for the first time about five years ago.  Since then we've met up with them a number of places and kept track in between times being together.

They were heading west from Sioux Falls and we were heading east from Portland when we made plans to rendezvous in Walla Walla.  It worked great!
 We got sites next to each other and had dinner together plus hung out for three days.
It's always great to see these two.  They are such nice folks!  Here we are at another downtown restaurant that was recommended by the RV Campground Manager -- T. Maccarone's.

We enjoyed time at their place for dinner a couple of nights.  They have a 42 ft Winnebago Tour with a long DS slideout that goes down almost the full side of the coach.  Very well done and comfortable. The only disappointment in Walla Walla was the lack of a large produce market on Saturday morning. We were able to find a good supply of a couple different kinds of corn and managed to get hold of some world famous W2 (Walla Walla) onions and some tomatoes but we missed out on what we expected with the produce market.

But that did not dampen our time in Walla Walla -- being able to see good friends and unplanned time with cousin Gary -- it was a great three days there full of memories!

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!


  1. Looks like you had a great time..So glad you are back on the road..You must be a fast healer!!

  2. It was great catching up on the last 50 years with you and Pam!! Let's do it again and not wait 50 years... lol