Saturday, April 19, 2014

You Have Got to See Sedona!

I don't think Pam and I have ever been through Sedona.  The more we read about the gorgeous red rock formations and canyon monuments, we decided we had to come and see it for ourselves.

The approach to the area reminded me a little bit of the Grand Canyon.  You know you are close to the area, but there is no big visual clue until you are on top of it.
It is about a 25 minute drive from Cottonwood, AZ (Dead Horse State Park) and we stopped at a scenic overlook to see some of the canyon vistas in the distance.

But once we got into Sedona it was stunning!  The redness of the rocks and the famous rock formations are right there --- seemingly closer than they really were.  I just couldn't keep from saying, "Oh My!!" or "Wow".

We took the main 89A highway through town and went to the 'Visitor Center'.  It became apparent it was a commercial place pretty quickly with offers of RV camping near by and helicopter rides available and jeep rides through the canyon to see it all up close.

We opted for the scenic overlook up Airport Road which was a right turn off the main drag and up the hill.  Then the valley and all its majesty below...
 The Coffee Pot

 The Sphinx

 Chimney Rock

 I have no idea but it was beautiful...

 Devil's Bridge

We took lots of pictures and tried to take it all in.  And then quickly we had a couple of helicopters fly  by.
If you can't take a helicopter, the Airport Road observation point is really a good alternative.

It was getting to be about lunch time and we wanted to see the Chapel of the Holy Cross.  It was  a couple of lights and round-abouts away off highway 179.  A few minutes later we were in the parking lot and eating our lunch before we climbed the small hill up to the Chapel.
Since my brother Brad is an architect and a Frank Lloyd fan, we note his creations and see them when we can.
The idea was conceived in 1932 but not actually built until 1957.  Small, quaint, elegant and interesting.  Read more about it here.  A prayer service is held there on Mondays, but all Liturgies are at the Parish Church in Sedona.

As we drove back through town, I decided to get up early the next day and see the sun rise over Sedona with the Red Rocks as a back drop.  It was pretty chilly but worth the hour of picture taking.
The sun seemed like it was taking forever to come up but finally did.
And then we had some hot air balloons in the distance

Sedona is now on "One of My Favorite Places" list and we will have to come back.  There is a lot more to do and see here.

Thanks for joining us on our day in Sedona!

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