Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Roadrunner Reflections: The Last Few Days

The last few days were pretty great in Catalina State Park.   We have been able to enjoy a good mix of getting things done and enjoying life.

We really consider ourselves very fortunate.  More than once in the last month I have heard other RVers say, "Isn't this great? Aren't we lucky?" --- to be doing this.  Whether they are snowbirds or those that travel and see new places all the this time -- we echo the same thought:
We are very fortunate to be doing this at this time in our lives.  We are very thankful.

And I am very thankful to YOU.  I know there are hundreds and hundreds out there that read this every week.  And a much smaller group of you that send a note and/or a few comments.

 but I want you to know how much I appreciate it --- 
Thank YOU!

I think I would be writing a blog even if we had no readers or commenters.  I started out doing this for a lot of reasons.  But believe me, it is lots more fun knowing that you are out there!

On another subject, I have been doing work over the last few days and some of my routine has been to go to a Starbucks and use their internet instead of mine.  I am able to usually put in a good two or three hours 'before the day gets started'.

I don't know about you, but some of the fun is seeing some interesting people at these places.

Then, when I am not working, we've especially enjoyed hanging out with my brother Marty and his wife Elena.   That is the real reason we came back to Tucson/Oro Valley -- to see them.

We played golf a couple of times and I keep saying I am going to be more competitive, but I wasn't this time.  For as little as I practice, I don't get too excited about playing poorly (like all those 3 putts...ugh!)
The great thing about golf is that when you least expect it, sometimes a good shot happens.

Marty and I were also able to do a project.  Like put together a PVC banner/sign hanger for his display at a Women's Business Networking gathering last week in Tucson.
He's a Dental Business Coach and also offers Sacred Money Archetype assessments for folks on how they view their money.  He said it worked fine at the event with a couple of small tweaks.  Job done.

Another day we had some laundry to do and I was able to get some more work done at the same time.
Then too, we watched every round of the Masters.  I love that golf tournament more than any other of the Majors.  After the first couple of days, my favorite did not make the cut and I had a number of others that I was interested in seeing do well.  It was great to see Bubba Watson win a second green jacket.

So - as I look back at our time in Catalina SP, I will remember the great campground and great times we had for a couple of weeks with Marty and Elena.  And once again I am grateful and thankful to you our readers.

That's it for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles!  More next time from our stay a couple of hours north of Tucson.  Until next time...

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