Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Where Were You...?

It is pretty hard for me to remember where I was a year ago -- except last year.  Last year we were at the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta GA.  Talk about a once-in-a-lifetime experience!  Being there was one of my all time favorite golf moments!
Then I got to thinking - where were we two years ago (April 2012)?  Florida? Lets see...
Yep - in the Cocoa Beach area soaking up some sun and enjoying my new Grill Guard wind shield.
Then we go back to three years ago - where were we  in April 2011?  Here in Arizona about ready to head north and east for Albuquerque.  Our Norcold refrigerator died (as in quit entirely) and we decided to buy a temporary one until we could get to Red Bay (Tiffin Factory) and get a new residential style refrigerator.
At this point you know I am going to go back a couple of more years:  In April 2010, we had been on the road almost a year and were en route (with a stop in Maynardville TN) to Michigan to see him and also to see Meghan.
"For the Love of Meghan" bracelets we wore hoping somehow our support would turn the tide against her breast cancer.

At that point, she was in a fight for her life.  One that she would lose a few weeks later at the young age of 29.

And in 2009 - five years ago - we did not even have the Roadrunner.  We put our house on the market in Friday and it sold in record time!
Wow -- were we excited.  A month later we bought our 2007 Allegro Bus and got ready to hit the road!

Five years have flown by and it is hard to remember where we've been at times.  The Roadrunner Chronicles helps and so does my Financial spreadsheet that I keep to log expenses.  It shows exactly where we have been so it is a good reference point too.

There you go--from the Masters to Fairfax, VA in a look back at this date in each of the last five years.  Thanks for joining us on this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles!

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