Saturday, April 12, 2014

Our Time at HFH - Tucson

We decided it was about time to get with it and check out the nearest Habitat for Humanity (HFH) build. It has been far too long since the last one - May of last year.

I went to the Tucson HFH web site and found the Volunteer page.  And a phone number.  I called Rebecca, the Volunteer Program Coordinator, and found we could join a build on Thursday.  On Wednesday we stopped by the home office.

The office is quite the facility.  It was an Army warehouse at one point and was also an Opera Center before it was secured with generous Habitat supporters.  With some architecture and design work in the last few years it is really a first class facility.
Rebecca gave us a tour and showed us around.

Early the next day, we got to work.  Like on the job site at 0700 hours.  We arrived at the Copper Vista subdivision, not too far from the Tucson Airport area of town.
We met Pat who was welcoming and friendly and got us checked in our her phone app.  We signed up online and it showed up on her phone app and she finished checked us in.  Then we talked with Chris, the Construction Supervisor.  He wanted us to join the folks in the house where they were putting up sheet rock.

The Tucson affiliate is one of the largest and best organized affiliates we have ever worked with.  On this day there were about 30 volunteers, working on there nine homes that were in various stages of development.

"Many hands make light work".  I don't know who said that but it sure is easier to make good progress when there is lots of organized help.
 It didn't take long to find a couple of guys or another person and just come along side and help hold and measure or pound nails or whatever.  If was fun to meet and work with Jim, John, Dale, Ron

I spent some time sweeping up with a small broom and a shovel.  There is always something to do if you just look around.
We didn't have to do much heavy lifting since the ceiling was already up.  Mostly we worked on the walls and closets.  Then came the 0930 break.

Pat came in and announced it was break time and that meant 'Stop Work'.  We assembled out in the shade around some tables and took it easy for a few minutes.  A couple of folk from the front office had a presentation to make to Jim.

He was awarded the "Legacy Award".  I believe it is related to including HFH Tucson in your will.
Our friend Pat with Jim's award
And I got a picture of Pat, Pam and Isonalya - a homeowner who was putting in some sweat equity hours.  
She has four kids and put in her initial application last March.  She has a scheduled move-in date of October 2014.  Pat was great - she remember us from three years ago when we were here.  She is very very active here and on the HFH Board in addition to a number of committees.  Its people like her that make it a great experience for people like us who 'just show up'.  A lot of work goes on in the background to make it a smooth running operation.

After the break, we make more progress on the house and had it almost finished by the time we left.
It was a fun day and a motivating day.  We are looking forward to the next build in the coming months.  

Thanks for joining us today on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Until next time.

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