Thursday, April 10, 2014

Let's Ride!

I thought I'd take you on a bike ride today from our campground at Catalina State Park.  They have lots of bike trails and paths around here so it is just a matter of deciding to do it.  Kind of like going to the fitness center or swimming laps in the pool...

I love the warm (hot) weather and got underway about 12:30 PM.
I checked up my gear as in aired up my tires and then got my iPhone handle bar case out.  I have used it in the past and I like the way I can see how fast and how far I am going right there on the handle bars.  But it happened again - after about 10 minutes in the intense heat - my iPhone locked up and ad a 'Temperature' warning displayed.  So I took it out of the case and put in my pocket so it would cool off.

After about 25 minutes of a little bit of a tough (for me) uphill ride I found a spot of shade and checked my iPhone again to see if it was cooling off.  Gladly it was and I had my displays back.
 But I kept it in my pocket so it wouldn't heat up again.

After starting out in the bike lane on the highway, I made it up to the Rancho Vistoso area and went a few more miles along a nice bike path.
Since I haven't ridden in a while I didn't want to over do it.  10+ miles would be a good ride I figured.
 The bike paths were nice and wide and on good streets.
 Love those octotillo blooms!
After about 6 miles or so, I figured it was time to turn around and I did so near 'Honeybee Canyon'.
A few hundred yards down the road, I passed a 'Park'.
When I checked it out, it had a number of canyon/loop trails from that point and a very nice desert trail system in the neighborhood.
After a quick drink of water, I moved on back onto the bike path.
Some of these 'washes' are pretty big with 200-300 yard bridges.
Love those Santa Catalina mountains in the distance.
I joined up with Highway 77/Oro Valley Road and road down to the entrance to the Catalina State Park Campground.
Our campsite is about a mile from the front gate.
And the last turn off to Campground B where we parked the Roadrunner.
My ride was a little over 13 miles and some good exercise.
That was my recent bike ride and I hope to have some more in the next few days.

Thanks for joining me!  Until next time...

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