Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Making a Living on the Road

We have been full timing almost 5 years.  During that time we have come across a number of people who also full time and work from their RV.  They make a living while on the road.

Here's a few:
Howard and Linda Payne created their own business when they started full timing over 9 years ago.  Howard started out with informational items (including personal financial and budget data) that was very helpful to us when we began planning to go full time.  They have expanded their web site and have one of the most extensive reservoirs of RV considerations for new RVers or those thinking about jumping into this lifestyle.

GypsyJournal -
We first met Nick and his wife Terry, they were conducting a seminar at the Life on Wheels Conference in Harrisburg, PA.  We attended the seminar to get an idea of what we might be in for when/if we decided to "really take the leap and do this RV thing".
- RV presentation speaker:  We found his topic "The Frugal RVer" to be informative and subsequently learned of all the other things they do
- Publishes a monthly newspaper (hardcopy and electronic versions) called the Gypsy Journal
- Wrote and is writing a number of books related to the RV lifestyle
- eBook fiction writer and featured on
- He hosted RV Rallys (on in the spring and one in the fall).  Usually one was held in the East or Midwest and the other in Arizona.  He has since given up doing that and focusing on writing.
- Writes a blog and maintains a website of all his offerings
Chris and Jim have an IT roadshow that caters to RVers who want to know about all kinds of 'technical' things.  They have an extensive offering of hands on training sessions to learn about Androids, iPhones, blogging, Picasa, internet etc etc.  Lots of free stuff and information for folks that are not that savvy on stuff.  A really great resource with forums, a blog, videos and a lot more.  Some for a yearly or monthly fee but lots of great info for free too.

Nikki and Jason have an interesting web site and blog that tell of their adventures and how they are living the life on the road.  They are very generous with their information and their exposure for others that are making a living on the road.  I like their blog and find this talented and young couple interesting.
Jim and Rene are a fairly young couple who decided in 2007 they were going to find a way to live on the road and be debt-free.  Very impressive web site and a number of 'green' and innovative resources.  They offer ideas how to get income on the road and make it happen.
Chris and Cherie have been on the road since 2006 and live in a converted bus.  They work remotely as app developers, technology consultants, writers and strategy experts.  I looked at a few of their things but mostly found their life style and approach intriguing and follow their blog.  They are another couple with a wide variety of helpful info on all things for RV full timers, including expense logs and informational videos.  And...

They are intimately involved with the hottest thing to hit the internet since we have been on the road - RVillage which is social network for RVers.

Check them out and maybe you will find them as interesting as I do.  I am always fascinated by small business owners and curious about 'how they make ends meet'.   The few that I have listed here are only a small number of folks making a living on the road.  There are hundreds of others -- so I ask you:

Who do you follow?  Or who are some of you favorites web sites of RVers making a living on the road? I would love to hear about more...

That's all for this edition of the Roadrunner Chronicles - thanks for joining us!

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