Saturday, June 8, 2013

Time at the Texas State Capitol - Austin Texas

Today we visited downtown Austin and the State Capitol.  It was really impressive.  The grounds were well laid out and the trees and flowers and grass on the rolling hills were in perfect condition.  The structure itself may be the most beautiful of any state we have visited.

We only visited a few and we hope to get to all of them eventually.

Our first visit was the Capitol Visitor's Center.  That building was built in 1856-1857 and once was the General Land Office building.
The Visitors Center is about 100 yards from the Capitol.  Along the way we met a couple of happy furry friends.
Also along the grounds from one building to the next, we saw some monuments that told some of the history of Texas.
High atop the dome is the statute of the Goddess of Liberty.  On near the South entrance to the capitol we saw:  the Confederate Soldiers monument; the Texas Cowboy; and Terry's Texas Rangers.

Next, we went into the capitol.  The structure itself is huge and palace-like.  The architecture is Italian Renaissance Revival and is built of limestone with the outside structure covered in red granite.
Inside, we first saw a large painting of David (Davy) Crockett (who died at the Alamo)
and statutes of Sam Houston 
and Stephen Austin.
Next, we entered the rotunda.  The floor is
On the terrazzo floor you see the six seals of the United States, Mexico, France, Spain and the Confederacy surrounding the emblem of the Republic of Texas.
Looking skyward is the inside of the massive dome.
On the second floor, we toured the chambers of the Texas House of Representatives
and the Senate
One thing I noticed was the detail work even in the door hinges prominent use of the Lone Star in the Senate lighting and chairs and the rotunda.   
Outside we went back to a couple more monuments. I really liked them all but was particularly impressed with the Confederate Soldiers.
The base of the monument has the Confederate Battles from 1861-1865 which is a history lesson in itself.

Then a more traditional bronze statue work with plaques at the Tejano Monument.
Lots to do and see at the Texas State Capitol.  I was another interesting morning learning about the great State of Texas.

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