Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Some Time with Friends and Relations

We left Livingston, Texas for a short trip over to Katy, TX to be closer to nephew and bride/ Mark and Dean-na and nephew Drew.  We were able to see them at our campsite at Westlake RV Resort.  They had never been to see the Roadrunner so we had a brief visit, some good food.  It was great seeing them since the last time which was in April 2012 at Mark and Dean-na's wedding.
It was too short but still a great chance to catch up with them.

On Thursday morning, we raised our jacks and headed to Austin.  Friday we had lunch with Mark and Megan at Guervo's Taco Bar in SoCo/South Congress area of Austin.
Saturday we got ready for an afternoon visit from Terry and Joanne who live in Round Rock, TX about 30 miles from here.  We have known them since the late 80's when we all lived in Albuquerque.
We have kept in touch and were excited to see them again.  We saw them a couple of years ago at their place.
Had a couple of issues with the second picture.  Not only did I somehow get the 'monochrome' going on the picture, I didn't get back in time to get settled before the shutter snapped.  That ever happen to you?

And then for lunch on Sunday, we met Pam's Aunt Georgeann, daughter Sally and her two teenager's for lunch at Clear Springs Restaurant.  Not only was it some great catfish and a unique atmosphere, we really enjoyed seeing them again.
Georgann's parents were George and Dorothy who were like grandparents to our kids.  They came to see us while we were stationed in Germany and Hawaii.  They were on a bus tour through Albuqerque and we saw them a couple of times at their home in the Ozarks.


  1. Were you able to catch any live music at Guervo's Taco Bar? Did you know they also do a live radio broadcast from there?

    1. Didn't catch any music at lunch. Didn't know about the live radio broadcast either. Good to know though - for next time.

  2. We stayed at an RV park right next to a semi pro baseball diamond in Round Rock..If you get a chance, go to The Salt Lick BBQ near Austin..It's been on Food Network and is really good and fun to see.

    1. I agree - we have been to The Salt Lick BBQ. Great food !