Monday, June 10, 2013

LBJ Library and Museum - Austin

Since we are in Austin, we wanted to see the LBJ Library and Museum.  We are never too sure what to expect at these things, but we found it to be quite interesting.  My first impression was that the building is large and mostly concrete.
 It is deceiving, though because inside, it is one of the better ones we have ever seen.  It was very well done.  First we saw the Presidential Limousine LBJ used while in Austin.
Then we saw the Introduction video of his life and presidency.  Nearby we walked though a gallery of famous award winning photos during his term.  (But no pictures allowed in there.)
LBJ was known for a lot of things -- one of them his humor.  He had a way of telling stories that were memorable and you can listen to some of his best ones at the display.  Then there was a replica of the Oval Office and his term highlighted on the walls.

The building is 10 stories tall with a few floors that are not open to the public.  From the second floor you can see some of the offices windows.
I found this display interesting:  famous people with links to LBJ who recognized the impact he had on their lives and careers.
I knew about LBJ and the Viet Nam War, the Civil Rights Act, his Great Society agenda and some other things.  But I was astounded to see the volumes of legislation he marshaled through Congress during his career.  Seeing pictures of him working the phones all hours of the night and day, cajoling, arm twisting and other forms of persuasion plus the lost art of negotiation --- he was in the middle of governing like I remember it.  Times and politics have changed since his time.

One of the coolest pictures was one Pam took of the dog tags of all those Heroes from Texas who died in the Viet Nam War.
Another great museum and time well spent learning more about about Presidents.  Thanks for joining us on the Roadrunner Chronicles!  Until next time...