Thursday, June 20, 2013

Roadrunner Review: Recent Campgrounds

We have put over 1,400 miles on the Roadrunner since we left Tennessee.  We are now in Ft Worth Texas, leaving tomorrow for Oklahoma City.  I thought I'd do a recap of the places we've stayed and the campgrounds we've been in:

(A) Maynardville, TN - Mike and Joan's     

Overall rating:  10
We have a gravel pad on their property with water and electric.  The company is great and the grounds are always well maintained.

(B) Red Bay, AL - Tiffin Service Center 
Overall rating:  7
Sites are adequate.  $10 / night for full hookups and we always enjoy our time there.  Lots to learn and we do the factory tour every time we are there.

(C) Tuscaloosa, AL - Y's Acres / Habitat for Humanity Build
Overall rating:  6
Full hookups on a converted basketball court that is not in use.  Cost was $10/night.  Worked out fine for full hookups including water, sewer and electric.  We enjoyed our time there immensely despite the campground.

(D) Vicksburg, MS - Ameristar Casino RV Park
Overall rating 8:
$27/night for full hookups.  Nice facility and great stop over to see Vicksburg National Battlefield.  Daily trash pickup outside the coach.

(E)  Livingston, TX - Rainbow's End Escapee's Park
Overall rating:  5
$23 night for full hook ups seemed like it was overpriced.  We went there to get some business done (including getting the coach weighed).  Campground was adequate, not our favorite.

(F)  Katy, TX - Westlake RV Resort
Overall rating: 7
Was a very nice park with 50 amp/water and sewer.  Nice concrete pad, new fitness center, pool and club house.  Would have rated it higher but it was above our budget at $45/night.  Had a nice gazebo / community barbecue that was first class.

(G) Austin, TX - Oak Forest RV Park
Overall rating: 7
Full hook ups and sewer with 50 amp.  Had a nice office and pool.  Daily trash pickup.  A little older campground but was good place for a few days.

(H) Fredericksburg, TX - Fredericksburg RV Park
Overall rating:  8
We really like this place.  It was a good price at $23.33 (Passport America).  It was well maintained, had a decent amount of space between sites.  Full hookups with water/electric (50 amp) and sewer.  The laundry was nice.  The groundskeeper was mowing grass, cutting limbs, watering, adding gravel to sites and leveling…lots of maintenance.  The office staff was nice and friendly and the campground was not too far from the downtown area.  We'd come back again!

(I) Ft Worth, TX - Cowtown RV Park

Overall rating: 7
We liked this place and its facilities.  Got the weekly rate at $25/night.  It is 5 minutes away from my brother's house so we definitely be back.  It has 50 amp/water and sewer with grass between sites.  The sites are level though most are gravel.  The laundry was only $2.00/load so that was a bonus.  With a nice office staff and a pool it could be even better if they worked harder on the gravel roads.  Not too bad though and they do a nice job keeping the grass mowed.  Also have trash cans nearby for daily pickup.

That is a recap of where we have been staying for the last couple of months or so.  We will be on the road a lot this summer, so there will be lots more campsites to experience.  Not to mention more friends and family and interesting places.  We hope you'll join us and thanks! for checking in today on the Roadrunner Chronicles.  Until next time...


  1. Thanks for the post. I always like to hear what people think about the various campgrounds I may very well visit. I pick hotels that way too!

  2. Thanks for the "heads up" on the campgrounds...Hope was can get outta here this year to enjoy some!

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