Thursday, September 10, 2009

Roadrunner Reflections - Part 2

We have been on the road and underway for a little over 3 months. In that time we have logged almost 9,000 miles and have seen a lot. We are really enjoying the lifestyle and learning loads. Along the way we have had some things to deal with and I wanted to share some with you.

This is not bliss~ just a lifestyle we are adapting too and enjoying a lot.

Things we are dealing with:
1. What is the hardest thing about this lifestyle?
I think it is harder to say good bye to our kids. The more we are with them, the more we appreciate them and enjoy them. They are 28 and 26 and on their own but I think it is like going through the empty-nest syndrome again. Saying good bye to Kelly in Texas was tough. Then we found ourselves anxiously praying for Adam when his Pathfinder was on the verge of breaking down. That was when he traveled two days from Wash DC to Croswell MI. But we all weathered the storm and things are good now.

2. What are you adapting to?
Getting use to the idea that we are moving on. My mind was in sensory overload for a while trying to take it all in, trying to remember the interesting things, the picturesque places, the fun experiences.

3. What have you done to adapt to the lifestyle?
One big thing for me is tracking all our expenses. It is a powerful thing to know where we stand in relation to our budget. It has taken almost three months to get into a routine and develop the discipline to keep receipts and enter it all into a spreadsheet but I think it will pay off.

4. What are the downsides of full-timing?
Not sure it is a negative, but we are very much more conscious of how much we are spending and where we can save our retirement dollars.

5. What do you regret most about selling everything, downsizing and moving into your motor home?
Nada, zilch, bamo. We would have kept the electric skillet and our large coffee pot but in terms of giving up the commute, the traffic and the busyness of living near Wash DC---we couldn't be happier 'out here'.

6. What are some of the other issues you deal with?
Every day can bring a new technical issue with the motorhome. It could be a rock in the windshield or a smoldering wire or a crack in the ceramic tile, or the air bags not inflating correctly. We are learning to be more flexible, not to panic, and just work through it. They all seem to get fixed.

7. Are things different than you thought they would be?
In some ways yes. I expected more people to be even more open and friendly. We usually find the talkative ones that are outside doing something with their RV, but it seems like the majority so far keep to themselves.

8. What do you do about going to church and fellowship?
We figured this might be a hard one to work and it has been. We have been to church a few times with NOMADS people and with friends if we are in town on a Sunday. Often times we find ourselves downloading a good sermon and listening to it.

9. Do you wish you had done this earlier?
No - we are still younger that most (56) who do this full time and it was the right time for us and our situation.

10. Now that you've gotten a taste of it, do you wish you still had the house and all your stuff?
Are you kidding? No way! I told Pam we had to do this for at least 5 years to make it worth the money we put into the Roadrunner and everything else. She was thinking more like 10 years. We will see.

Hopefully I will get a chance to put together some more of the pros and cons every 3-4 months to see if things change a lot for us. Maybe some of you out there are thinking about the RV lifestyle. I really believe it is not for everyone, but is the lifestyle for us!

Until next time, be safe and thanks for checking out the Roadrunner Chronicles.


  1. I really admire what you have both done and how you are adapting to life on the road. It appears to be working out well for you. This was a great, and honest, synopsis of 'pros and cons' so thanks for sharing that. The one thing that struck me was your phrase "not to panic" - I need to remember that when something doesn't work, or breaks on our 5'er! Like you say, it always gets fixed. Good blog!

  2. Hi Randy and Pam! Found your blog through Kelley's blog and have enjoyed getting caught up on your incredible journey! Sounds like you are both having a fantastic time. Just wanted to say hi!

  3. Thank you for your reflections! As I ponder the possibility of "one day" being on the road, I appreciate hearing about your experiences.

  4. Randy,
    I didn't know how to PM you so I chose this route. What type of internet connection did you finally decide upon? We are having a time deciding what to go with. Like you, we didn't want to spend the $5K for Motosat. We had Motosat on our first motorhome (wish I kept it,LOL). We tried the MiFi from Verizon but not having an external antenna feature it just didn't do the job and we aren't in a remote area.
    If you have a chance could you send me an e-mail of your system? Thanks!
    Mike Jones (Gerri)