Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Roadrunner Reflections: 3 months as Full Timers

After three months as full-timers I thought I give some thoughts on what has been like for us by posting a 'Top 10' List:

The Highlights:
1. RVing with Pam - She is the best! It is a real blessing to share new friends, experiences and places together. If I didn't know better I'd say we were on our honeymoon (30 years and counting).

2. Seeing friends and family - We have had a wonderful time in Tennessee, Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Illinois, Michigan, Canada and South Dakota. We have been able to see relatives and old friends and meet a lot of new people.

3. Seeing America and places we would never have been able to see - (and parts of Canada). It gives us a whole new perspective on places we have never been. We have learned a lot of history and have seen some fantastic places in the Midwest (IL, MI, MN, WI and SD)

4. Sense of accomplishment - this is one of the larger, more risky projects we have researched, designed, planned and executed. We have still believe we are on the right track and feel good about our decision.

5. People - It is great meeting new people and seeing people we haven't seen for a long, long time. We could never afford to go to all these places and take time off to see friends and relatives. The lifestyle allows us to do that.

6. Volunteering - we feel as if this is our niche. The three weeks we spent working with other NOMADS opened our eyes. It gives us a very good sense of purpose.

7. Adventure - We needed something to give us some excitement. The idea that my life IS NOT winding down is refreshing at age 56.

8. Simple lifestyle - we are learning that we don't need a whole lot of things. Getting rid of a lot of stuff and living within our means is gratifying.

9. Becoming more frugal - There have been a few times in our life when we pinched pennies, but now we think about every purchase. We track all our expenses and have a monthly goal we know we can afford.

10. The coach - this RV is nice. It has a nicer interior (ceramic tile, corian counter tops, Select Comfort King Size bed, etc) than we are accustomed to. I love driving this RV. With the air bags, independent front wheel suspension -- it is fun to drive!


  1. Great words ... I feel the same except for the Working... We talk about it but I really am not ready for it! We have full timed now for almost 6 years and loved every moment... I am no where ready to stop! Have Fun!

    Travel Safe

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