Saturday, September 5, 2009

Another Great Weekend in Sioux Falls

We rolled into town from Rapid City on Thursday. It was a fairly long day (336 miles) but we got to the Sioux Falls Empire/W.H.Lyon Fairground mid afternoon. We missed all the rain and had three days of beautiful sunshine.The next morning I met Steve and others (Friday Guys) for a breakfast and Bible Study at Frying Pan restuarant. It was a good time seeing new friends from two weeks ago when we came through. The intern pastor, Don, did a nice job with the message.

When I returned to the Roadrunner, Pam finished taking a shower and we found a leak in our bathroom. The water was oozing onto the ceramic tile floor and the baseboard was wet. O thing I learned in all our research is that water on floors and walls in an RV is bad news!

I called a couple of RV dealers in the area and they were booked and/or were trying to get their technicians out of the shop early for the long holiday. Then I called the Tiffin Factory and talked with one of the guys in the service department. He suggested the drain on the shower might need to be tightened. How do I do that?

I found another leak in the basement, cleared out all the stuff nearby and chipped away at the foam insulation so I could track down the leak. A little later I found an access point and reached up into the area between the floor and the shower.

Then I came inside and removed kitchen drawers and pulled out a long skinny drawer we use for a spice rack. To my surprise, there was an entire panel that popped out and it was right behind the shower. There was the leak! I hand tightened the cold shower connection and the problem solved! We put two fans on the wet areas and got it all dried out.
Later that morning our neighbor who has been full timing for four years, showed us how to get Direct TV working and also how to set up our digital antenna so we could get local (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox) channels. We have never used the antenna so that was a big deal.

On Friday night we went over to Steve and Therressa's for a great dinner of pork tenderloin and potato salad. Steve out did himself on that one. It was great. We toured the city after dinner and it was a beautiful drive in his convertible.We cruised the downtown area where there were lots of sidewalk cafes and then we went over to the Sioux Falls Park.

On Saturday, we ran some errands, watched some of the US Open and went for a ride on the bike trail along the river. After dinner, we went to church with Steve and Therressa and went out to LifeLight - the largest outdoor Christian concert in the country.It is held every year over Labor Day weekend near Sioux Falls on a big farm. It is like Woodstock (sort of..) where there were thousands of people heard music, messages and hang out. There were vendors and booths and a lot of people.

We got there in time to hear Will Graham (Billy's grandson) finish up and then waited to hear Remedy Drive on the main stage (there are five stages). It was an interesting phenomenon. I don't get it, (loud music, screaming and yelling, dancing/hopping around)--- but then I am not under 30 years old either.

On Sunday we returned for the outdoor worship service and it was great. There were a lot more people there then. The music was good and the preaching was very evangelistic and it was a great way to spend Sunday morning. They were hoping to get 300 thousand for the weekend.We left mid-afternoon, went back to the Roadrunner and packed up. Then we went out to dinner with Steve and Therressa and went by her office. She is an award winning Travel Agent and it was nice to see where she works (Travel Partners). Nice place and 10 minutes from their house.

Next we ran by Menards (like a Wal-Mart/Home Depot) and went over to their beautiful home for a while. We chatted some more and talked about their travels and their church (Holy Cross Lutheran Church). They are very involved and have been for years.
We called it a day and chalked up another great Labor Day Weekend. Today we point the Roadrunner to Omaha Nebraska where we will be for a couple of days.

That's all for this take of the Roadrunner Chronicles. Be safe and thanks for checking in.

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