Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Circus Came to Santa Fe!

Since we were parked in the Santa Fe Rodeo campground behind the bleachers, we had a front row seat to some behind-the-scenes preparations when the circus came to town. The circus rolled into town about 2:00 in the morning but I didn't hear a thing.

After we finished up with our work at Habitat for Humanity for the day, we walked over to the stands and got ready to see the show.

I walked around and took a few pictures before things got started.
These folks were warming up about 30 feet from our RV. It was quite the serenade. After the bagpipes finished, they were part of the opening ceremonies along with the color guard.
They had some high wire acts and three swinging around up in the sky. The bears were fascinating. How do they train them to do those tricks?
One guy was walking on the cage, another was juggling while the third act was on rolling skates during some high speed turns on a small stage three feet off the ground.Then there were three guys in a wire cage on motorcycles-- all at the same time.
There were hand stands, contortionist poses, bends and twists, balancing a sword on the tip of a knife...Then my favorite -- the elephantsThere were two shows that night and a larger crowd the second time.
It was a fun time to sit and watch. Not sure the last time I saw the circus. And it was a beautiful evening and for circus under the lights at Rodeo de Santa Fe!

Not sure have another circus to grab some pictures for the Roadrunner Chronicles, but you never know...Thanks for stopping by!

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